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Culbertson Cross Country Coach Awarded Coach Of The Year

Coach David Solem was awarded last week for leading the Culbertson High School cross country team to the 2012-13 state championship, the team’s third in four years.

A graduate of Huntley Project High School 1997 in Worden and Montana State University in 2002, Solem has been the junior and senior high school social science teacher since arriving at Culbertson in 2002. His coursework covers geography, state, national and world history. In addition to cross country, Solem coaches track while serving as the school’s athletics director.

Solem stated he did run cross country in high school, but he was a wrestler and his wrestling experience is applicable to cross country given they are individual sports instead of team. His strong success over the past half-decade illustrates the validity of his belief. When asked on if he has a preference for coaching cross country or track, he said he enjoyed them both.

Solem mentioned how two state placed runners graduated last May when asked about the team’s prospects this year. He expects a tough year, yet Solem sounded confident in his students’ ability for fall 2013.

Solem is married with three children, ages one, five and eight.