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Many Area Residents Compete In Longest Dam Race At Fort Peck

The following is a list of local people who participated in the Longest Dam Race at Fort Peck Lake, Saturday, June 21. Only people who live in the coverage areas of The Herald-News and The Searchlight are listed as 377 people competed. The Glasgow Area Chamber Of Commerce and Agriculture provided the results.
Irene Whitmer, Fort Peck, 30-39, first, 41:22;  Madri Blom, Vida, 30-39, second, 42:26; Jennifer Gysler, Wolf Point, 19-29, fifth, 52:12; Melissa Cromwell, Wolf Point, 40-49, seventh, 56:36; Heather Harris, Nashua, 30-39, ninth, 56:49; Judy Jones, Fort Peck, 50-64, fourth, 59:28; Shelly Salvevold, Culbertson, 30-39, first, 21:08; Lynn Unrau, Wolf Point, 19-29, first, 23:00; Stacey Summers, Wolf Point, 40-49, second, 26:26; Alexi Bidegaray, Culbertson, 15-18, fifth, 28:34; Monica Brown, Wolf Point, 15-18, sixth, 31:02; Mindy Offert, Frazer, 30-39, eighth, 31:15; Trisha Reddig, Frazer, 30-39, ninth, 31:17; Chrystal DeCoteau, Wolf Point, 50-64, sixth, 32:48; Kaitlyn Toavs, Wolf Point, 9-14, seventh, 33:11; Lisa Neufeld, Nashua, 30-39, 10th, 33;11; Suzanne Boyd, Poplar, 30-39, 11th, 33:51; Imogene Lilley, Wolf Point, 30-39, 13th, 36:09; Jerrelynn Whitmus, Wolf Point, 19-29, ninth, 40:18; Barbara Sullivan, Fort Peck, 40-49, 11th, 41:55; JoAnn Solem, Fort Peck, 50-64, first, 37:13; Wendy Reddies, Frazer, 50-64, second, 41:38; Joy Toavs, Wolf Point, 50-64, third, 41:39; Sam Azure, Poplar, 19-29, second, 42:22; Denise Zimmer, Wolf Point, 40-49, fourth, 43:05; Laurie Handy, Poplar, 50-64, fifth, 43:30; Merry Jones, Fort Peck, 50-64, sixth, 43:39; Lanette Bidegaray, Culbertson, 50-64, seventh, 43:40; Kirsten Holte, Fort Peck, 30-39, fourth, 45:23; Samantha Fellman, Culbertson, 15-18, second, 45:25; Carol, Fellman, Culbertson, 40-49, fifth, 45:31; Geri Todd, Wolf Point, 50-64, 11th, 46:03; Olivia Allmer, Wolf Point, 40-49, sixth, 46:03; Mary Zerbe, Frazer, 50-64, 16th, 48:05; Megan Haddix, Fort Peck, 30-39, ninth, 52:10; Ann Weinke, Wolf Point, 50-64, 21st, 54:12; Elizabeth Shipstead, Nashua, 30-39, 13th, 57:38; Crystal Laumeyer, Nashua, 30-39, 14th, 57:39; Taylor Laumeyer, Nashua, 9-14, first, time not stated; Stacy Summers, Wolf Point, 40-49, first, time not stated; Abigail Offert, Frazer, 0-8, second, time not stated; Irene Whitmer, Fort Peck, 30-39, second, time not stated; Tessa Olfert, Frazer, 0-8, fifth, time not stated; Mindy Olfert, Frazer, 30-39, fourth, time not stated; Emma Whitmer, Fort Peck, 0-8, sixth, time not stated; Molly Whitmer, Fort Peck, 0-8, 12th, time not stated; Debbie Vine, Wolf Point, 50-64, third, time not stated; Alexa Reddig, Frazer, 0-8, 13th, time not stated; Jeanne Lie-belt, Fort Peck, 65-99, second, time not stated; Judy Hueth, Fort Peck, 65-99, eighth, time not stated.
10-Mile Bike
Irene Whitmer, Fort Peck, first, 31:23; Madri Blom, Vida, second, 36:58; Carin Barnett, Fort Peck, third, 39:36; Sherri Turner, Fort Peck, fourth, 40:05; Megan Fast, Frazer, eighth, 59:35; Myrle Zilkoski, Wolf Point, 11th, 1:01.30; Lauren Fast, Frazer, 13th, 1:19.15; Susan Fast, Frazer, 14th, 1:19.15.
Fabian Munoz, Culbert-
son, 19-29, first, 35:15; Stan Moran, Wolf Point, 30-39, second, 42:00; Shawn Hooks, Fort Peck, 40-49, third, 50:48; Elijah Hopkins, Poplar, 30-39, first, 22:49; Mark Sullivan, Fort Peck, 50-64, first, 25:29; Carl Zabrocki, Fort Peck, 9-14, third, 27:13; Ashton Handy, Poplar, 30-39, third, 30:11; Lester, DeCoteau, Wolf Point, 50-64, fourth, 40:20; Ted Toavs, Wolf Point, 50-64, first, 41:39; Wyatt Miller, Frazer, 9-14, first, time not stated; Bridger Barnett, Fort Peck, 9-14, second, time not stated; Colter Barnett, Fort Peck, 9-14, third, time not stated; Bode Barnett, Fort Peck, 0-8, third, time not stated; Kendall Liebelt, Fort Peck, 9-14, third, time not stated; Connor Whitmer, Fort Peck, 0-8, fifth, time not stated; Joel Reddig, Frazer, 0-8, sixth, time not stated; Shelby Whitmer, Fort Peck, 30-39, third, time not stated.
10-Mile Bike
Shawn Hooks, Fort Peck, sixth, 37:00; Nathan Fast, Frazer, seventh, 59:39; Mark Zilkoski, Wolf Point, 15th, 1:01.41; Bridger Salvevold, Culbertson, 16th, 1:07.28; Gy Salvevold, Culbertson, 17th, 1:07.33.

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Culbertson Ends Season At Hi-Line District Tournament

Culbertson’s Carter Nickoloff is safe at third base in the opening game against Plentywood.
(Photo by John Plestina)


The Culbertson Oilers finished the 2014 Babe Ruth baseball season at the Hi-Line District Tournament Friday through Sunday, June 20-22, at Burke Field in Wolf Point.
The six-team, double-elimination tournament included Culbertson and teams from Wolf Point, Scobey, Plentywood and two from Glasgow.
Scobey beat Plentywood 13-3 in the championship game for the title.
Culbertson lost to Plentywood 10-9 Friday, in a game where the Oilers had led early in the game and lost in the seventh inning, and to Glasgow Coke 13-3 in the losers bracket.
“We struggled with pitching and too many errors,” Culbertson head coach Gordon Oelkers said.
“We’re a young team,” he said.
“[This season is] the first time we have had Babe Ruth in three years. It was a learning experience for the kids,” Oelkers said.
“On every level, it comes down to pitching,” he said.
Culbertson finishes the season with four 15-year-olds, who will be ineligible to play next year due to age limits.
Results Of All Games
Game 1 — Plentywood 10, Culbertson 9
Game 2 — Glasgow FES 12, Wolf Point 6
Game 3 — Scobey 7, Plentywood 3
Game 4 — Glasgow FES 8, Glasgow Coke 7
Game 5, losers’ bracket — Plentywood 15, Wolf Point 5
Game 6, losers’ bracket — Glasgow Coke 13, Culbertson 3
Game 7, semifinal — Scobey 10, Glasgow FES 0
Game 8, losers’ bracket semifinal — Plentywood 14, Glasgow Coke 3
Game 9, losers’ bracket final — Plentywood  19, Glasgow FES 7
Game 10, championship game between winner of semifinal and losers’ bracket winner — Scobey 13, Plentywood 3


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Chadwick Fun Run/Walk Held


The Chadwick Strong Fun Run/Walk was a huge success. About 150 friends and family joined to support the Chadwick family.
Following the walk, family and friends all gathered at the Froid Community Center for a barbecue.
The Chadwick family was very appreciative and touched by the support of this community that they called “home” for nearly five years.
The efforts are appreciated of all who donated time, food, supplies and money to make this event possible. We could not have done this without the support of the community and local and area businesses.
T-shirts and wrist bands are still available by texting Andrea at 765-7920.

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Babe Ruth Tournament To Be In Wolf Point

The Culbertson Oilers will finish the 2014 season at the Hi-Line Babe Ruth District Tournament at Burke Field in Wolf Point Friday through Sunday, June 20-22.
Six teams, including the Oilers, Wolf Point Mosquitoes, and teams from Glasgow, Plentywood and Scobey will play in the double-elimination tournament. Four games are scheduled for Friday, four Saturday and two Sunday.
The Oilers, which is comprised of Culbertson and
Bainville 13- to 15-year-olds will open the tournament against Plentywood, Friday at 10 a.m.
The winner of that game will face top seeded Scobey at 4 p.m. The loser will move into a consolation bracket.

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CHS Awards Banquet



Culbertson High School held its academic/athletic and activity banquet to honor and award standout students for their achievements during the school year Tuesday, May 27. Renee Oelkers was named Cowgirl of the Year and the Cowboy of the Year award went to David Manning. Trigstar awarded a first and second place cash award to Cameron Lambert and Joey Bawden for their outstanding math skills. Each student was awarded a check and their teacher, Marjory McCaffery, also received a check from Trigstar.  (Submitted photo)

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