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Cowboys Fall To Chinook In Playoffs

The Culbertson/Bainville Cowboys fell to the top ranked Chinook Sugarbeaters 80-16 at Chinook Saturday, Oct. 31, in the first round of the Class C 8-man football playoffs.
Chinook jumped out to an early 30-0 lead in the first quarter and kept on rolling.
Chinook’s dominate defense held the Cowboys down until the fourth quarter when they were able to score 16 points.
Chinook defense recorded seven quarterback sacks and held the Cowboys’ offense to a total of 141 yards..
The Cowboys were able to get on the board in the fourth quarter when quarterback Eric Hendrickson was able to connect with his twin brother Ethan Hendrickson on a 10-yard touchdown pass. Shay Bridges scored a 2-point conversion on a run. Culbertson/Bainville’s final score  came on a 12-yard run by Trustin Holcomb for a touchdown. Bridges ran in another PAT.
The Cowboys’ kick returner, Will South, had a big game with 255 total return yards on nine returns for an outstanding average of 28 yards, including one for 68 yards.
Holcomb led the rushing attack with 59 yards and one touchdown. Adam Buxbaum led the receivers with three catches for 36 yards. Ethan Hendrickson caught two passes for 13 yards, including one touchdown reception.
Quarterback Eric Hendrickson was 12 for 30 for 72 yards and one touchdown.
The top tacklers were Buxbaum with 10, Holcomb with eight and Ethan Hendrickson with six.

Season Ending Stats
Quarterback: Eric Hendrickson, 1,441 passing yards, 14 touchdown passes and 16 PAT passes.
Running backs: Noah Nickoloff, 512 rushing yards, six touchdowns, three PATs; Trustin Holcomb, 411 yards, 12 touchdowns, six PATs; Eli Romo, 392 yards, four touchdowns.
Receivers: Adam Buxbaum, 837 yards, eight touchdowns, six PATs; Ethan Hendrickson, 258 yards, five touchdowns, four PATs.
Kick returns: Will South, 375 yards; Buxbaum, 180; Romo, 165.
Leading tacklers: Buxbaum, 102; Ethan Hendrickson, 56; Romo, 56; Holcomb, 50.
QB sacks: Buxbaum, seven; Ethan Hendrickson, four.
Interceptions: Romo, three.
Punting: Eric Hendrickson, 32-yard average per punt.
The Cowboys ended the season with a record of 4-4.

State Cross Country Meet Held In Great Falls

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The All-Class Cross Country Championships took place Saturday, Oct. 24, at the Eagle Falls Golf Course in Great Falls where approximately 1,200 athletes competed in the annual event.
In the boys class C race, Culbertson/Bainville’s Beau Hyatt finished 17th, 17:32 while Frazer freshman Wyatt Miller ran a season best time of 17:59.39, 26th, just ahead of Brockton’s Jamis Rattling Thunder, 17:59.96, and right behind former Poplar athlete Matthew Rattling Thunder of Northern Cheyenne, 17:54.
Sophomore Jacob Belgarde of Brockton, completed the course in 18:45 with teammate Phoenix Rattling Thunder, 19:31, holding off Frazer’s Corbin Cole, 19:32. Culbertson’s David Winn, 19:49, finished in 49th place. Brockton’s Melvin Rattling Thunder finished the course in 21:33 while Culbertson’s Chris Azure finished in 21:53 right ahead of teammate Andreas Hoffman, 22:01.
Evan Duggar of Darby won the individual crown in 16:09 with Richey/Lambert’s Tim Wright in second with a time of 16:42.
In the class C girls’ race, local athlete Kirsten Miller led the Bearcubs with a time of 24:41, while Tawnee Robinson of Froid finished the three-mile course in 25:07, just ahead of Culbertson’s Camille Ward in 25:14.
Frazer sophomore Shaedel Adams finished in 25:30. Senior Bailee Parker of West Yellowstone won the event in 17:46 followed by Breelle Wacker of Winnett-Melstone in 18:58. A total of 96 girls entered the girls class C race.
Class C Boys
Team Scores: 1. Richey/Lambert 24; 2. Manhattan Christian 39; 3. Roberts 52; 4. Ennis 53; 5. Plenty Coups 78; 6. Darby 89; 7. Belt/Centerville 91; 8. Granite 111; 9. Sunburst 112; 10. Brockton 122; 11. Seeley Swan 123; 12. Box Elder 126; 13. Harrison 128; 14. Culbertson/Bainville 142; 15. Charlo 157; 16. Sheridan 170; 17. Twin Bridges 183; 18. Arlee 184; 19. Great Falls Central 192; 20. Bridger 223; 21. Winnett/Melstone 243; 22. Plentywood 252; 23. Hays/Lodge Pole 268; 24. Gardiner 272; 25. Geyser 311; 26. Ryegate 361; 27. Heart Butte 375.
Individual results [for local schools only]: Beau Hyatt, Culbertson/Bainville, 17th, 17:32.69; Wyatt Miller, Frazer, 26th, 17:59.39; Jamis Rattling Thunder, Brockton, 27th, 17:59.96; Jacob Belgrade, Brockton, 38th, 18:45.51; Phoenix Rattling Thunder, Brockton, 57th, 19:31.04; Korbin Cole, Frazer, 58th, 19:32.37; Michael Sheehan, Culbertson/Bainville, 59th, 19:33.07; Davey Winn, Culbertson/Bainville, 66th, 19:49.03; Bailey Christofferson, Froid/Medicine Lake, 70th, 19:55.78; Thor Lancaster, Froid/Medicine Lake, 74th, 20:02.58; Melvin Rattling Thunder, Brockton, 106th, 21:33.97; Jaden Strickland, Culbertson/Bainville, 109th, 21:43.46; Chris Azure, Culbertson/Bainville, 111th, 21:46.47; Andreas Hoffman, Culbertson/Bainville, 116th, 22:01.44; Chase Lambert, Culbertson/Bainville, 128th, 23:51.21; Adam Track, Brockton, 142nd, 28:24.42.
Class C Girls
Team Scores: 1. Winnett/Melstone 20; 2. West Yellowstone 35; 3. Plains 48; 4. Seeley Swan 62; 5. Twin Bridges 63; 6. Richey/Lambert 75; 7. Arlee 84; 8. Belt/Centerville 114; 9. Granite 128; 10. Charlo 133; 11. Northern Cheyenne 166; 12. Box Elder 177; 13. Sunburst 195; 14. Dodson/Whitewater 203; 15. Heart Butte 234.
Individual results: Kyrsten Miller, Frazer, 49th, 24:41.67; Tawnee Robertson, Froid/Medicine Lake, 51st, 25:07.20; Camille Ward, Culbertson/Bainville, 52nd, 25:14.59; Shaedel Adams, Frazer, 54th, 25:30.10; Destiny Long, Froid/Medicine Lake, 62nd, 27:24.06.

Cowboys Fall To Fairview 76-20

The Cowboys lost to Fairview 76-20 at home Saturday, Oct. 17.
Fairview jumped out to a fast first-quarter lead of 36-8, from which Culbertson-Bainville was unable to recover from.
Cowboys’ quarterback Eric Hendrickson threw for 195 yards, three touchdowns and one PAT.
The top Culbertson-Bainville receivers were: Ethan Hendrickson, 100 yards, two touchdowns; Adam Buxbaum, 50 yards, one PAT; Trustin Holcomb, 45 yards, one touchdown.
Noah Nickoloff led in rushing with 30 yards.
Leading in tackles were: Buxbaum, six, one sack; Ethan Hendrickson, six; A.J. Ullmer, five; Lance Bengochea, 5.
Quarterback Tanner Reynolds led Fairview, running for two touchdowns and throwing for five.
Fairview 76, Culb/Bainville 20
F-view   36   24  16   0––14
C/B         8     0   0  12––20
1st Quarter
F: Tanner Reynolds, 44-yard run (conversion failed)
F: Reynolds, 38-yard run (conversion failed)
F: Josh Hurley, 25-yard run (Hurley run)
C: Ethan Hendrickson, 44-yard pass from Eric Hendrickson (Adam Buxbaum run)
F: Ben Hardy, 55-yard pass from Reynolds (Hurley run)
F: Pat Hardy, 17-yard pass from Reynolds (Hurley run)
2nd Quarter
Fairview: Pat Hardy, 11-yard pass from Reynolds (Brett Andreasen run)
Fairview: Brett Andreasen, 2-yard run (Andreasen run)
Fairview: Mitchell Shaide, 33-yard pass from Reynolds (Andreasen run)
3rd Quarter
Fairview: B. Hardy, 14-yard pass from Reynolds (Josh Johnson run)
Fairview: Johnson, 1-yard run (Andreasen run)
4th Quarter
Culbertson: Ethan Hendrickson, 17-yard pass from Ethan Hendrickson (conversion failed)
Culbertson: Trustin Holcomb, 45-yard pass from Ethan Hendrickson (game ended)

Wibaux Defense Stops Cowboys

The Culbertson/Bainville Cowboys (4-3) dropped a game to Wibaux 62-28 Saturday, Oct. 10.
Wibaux (6-1) was able to limit the Cowboys’ rushing to 25 total yards.
Freshman Noah Nickoloff scored the Cowboys’ only rushing touchdown.
The Cowboys were forced to change their game plan from a mix of rushing and passing to primarily a passing game when they fell behind early.
Senior quarterback Eric Hendrickson completed 21 of 51 passes for 275 yards with three touchdown passes, including a 41-yard pass to Adam Buxbaum for a score in the second quarter and a 40-yard completion to Ethan Hendrickson for a touchdown in the fourth quarter.
Buxbaum led all receivers with 164 yards.
Quarterback Eric Hendrickson was under constant pressure form Wibaux’s strong defense, getting sacked three times and intercepted six times.
The Cowboys played Wibaux tough in the second half getting outscored 22-14, but were unable to recover from being outscored by 20 in the second quarter.
Ten penalties were called against the Cowboys with only two called against Wibaux.

Wibaux 62, Culb/Bainville 28
Culb/Bainville    6    8    8   6––28
Wibaux           12  28  14   8––62
1st Quarter
W: Shawn Schaefferkoetter, 65-yard run (conversion failed)
W: Angus Lund, 40-yard run (conversion failed)
C: Noah Nickoloff, 1-yard run (conversion failed)
2nd Quarter
W: Noah Schnieder, 4-yard run (conversion failed)
W: Schaefferkoetter, 21-yard pass from Schnieder (conversion failed)
W: Zachary Miske, 23-yard pass from Schneider (conversion failed)
C: Adam Buxbaum, 40-yard pass from Hendrickson (Ethan Hendrickson pass from Eric Hendrickson)
W: Bridger Smith, 9-yard pass Schneider (Lund run)
W: safety
3rd Quarter
W: Schaefferkotter, 35-yard interception return (Lund run)
C: Buxbaum, 16-yard pass from Hendrickson (Ethan Hendrickson pass from Eric Hendrickson)
W: Taylen Neslson, 2-yard run (conversion failed)
4th Quarter
W: Schaefferkotter, 15-yard interception return (Lund run)
C: Ethan Hendrickson, 40-yard pass from Eric Henderson (conversion failed)

Cowboys Thump Plentywood, Improve To 4-1

The Culbertson/Bainville Cowboys improved to 4-1 with a 50-18 win over Plentywood, Saturday, Oct. 3.
The Cowboys came back in the second half after trailing 128-8 at halftime, outscoring Plentywood 42-0 with a relentless defensive effort that included four quarterback sacks shutting down Plentywood.
The Cowboys ran the ball 61 times for 371 total yards with seven different players running the ball.
Trustin Holcomb, Eli Romo and Noah Nickoloff each carried the ball 15 times to lead the attack.
Wet weather slowed the passing game somewhat, but quarterback Eric Hendrickson was still able to complete nine passes for 109 yards, including a 27-yard touchdown.
Eric Hendrickson completed nine passes for 109 yards, one touchdown and one PAT pass. Adam Buxbaum had 96 receiving yards and one touchdown. Ethan Hendrickson received for 13 yards and two PATs. Noah Nickoloff rushed for 120 yards and Eli Romo 88 yards and one touchdown.
Defensively, Romo recorded 10 tackles, Trustin Holcomb nine stops and a sack and Adam Buxbaum seven tackles and three sacks.
The Cowboys have averaged 58.8 points per game in conference action.
Culb/Bain 50, Pwood 18
Pwood     6 12   0   0––18
Culb/Bain 8   0 16 26––50
1st Quarter
C: Logan Nickoloff, 1-yard run (Trustin Holcomb run)
P: Jeremy Rice, recovered ball in end zone for TD (conversion failed)
2nd Quarter
P: Tyler Michels, 57-yard run (conversion failed)
P: Bryce Osksa, 2-yard pass from Nate Harris (conversion failed)
3rd Quarter
C: Will South, 11-yard run (Ethan Hendrickson pass from Eric Hendrickson)
C: Holcomb, 1-yard run (Adam Buxbaum pass from Eric Hendrickson)
4th Quarter
WP: Brady Babb, 2-yard run on a punt return, (conversion failed), 7:23
C: Holcomb, 1-yard run (conversion failed)
C: Eli Romo, 10-yard run (Ethan Hendrickson pass from Eric Hendrickson)
C: Adam Buxbaum, 27-yard pass from Eric Hendrickson (conversion failed)
C: AJ Ullmer, 1-yard run (conversion failed)