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Photos by Laura Christoffersen

Cowboys Get First Win At Preseason Tournament



The Cowboys beat the Wolf Point Wolves 47-38 at the Wolf Point preseason Tournament, Friday, Dec. 12. It was the first time the teams have faced each other in many years.
The Cowgirls lost 52-45 to Wolf Point.
The next day, the Cowboys beat Scobey 56-45 and the Cowgirls fell to Plentywood 49-45.
The Cowboys and Cowgirls take the show on the road, Friday, Dec. 19, for conference openers against MonDak at Westby. Culbertson will host Froid/Medicine Lake, Saturday, Dec. 20.
“They’re [Scobey] a scrappy team and obviously well coached. They’re young with a lot of freshmen and sophomores,” coach Cody Steppler said.
“We finally decided to go into the post,” he said.
“Mondak is as good a team as we are going to see all year,” Steppler said.
“It’s always a good game when we play each other,” he said.
“I think with some defensive rebounds, it could have been seven points in our favor,” Cowgirls head coach Ashley Copple said.
Copple said she watched video of Wolf Point playing last year with several of the same girls. She observed that the Lady Wolves have quick, tall girls. She also observed that Wolf Point’s Shelby Hanks stayed right on Culbertson’s Emily Nielsen, who posted 20 points against the Lady Wolves.

Wolf Point girls 52, Culbertson 45
Culbertson girls  11  8  9  7―45
WPHS              10 17 11 14―52
Ashton Handy 5, Emily Nielsen 20, Mary Kirkaldie 12, Zandie Bighorn 3, Renee Granada 4, Mariah Machart 1
Wolf Point
Shelby Hanks 10, Mariah Weeks 6, Mattia Black Eagle 4, Emma Gourneau 11, Ashtyn Hentges 4, Jessica Bauer 9, Mahala Shawl 6, Kateri Rush 2

Culbertson boys 47, Wolf Point 38
Culbertson boys   10 9 12 16―47
WPHS                10 7  8 13―38
Adam Buxbaum 5, Michael Azure 13, Chris Azure 18, Tony Williams 2, Tristan Sun Rhodes 9
Wolf Point
Dalton Hafner 7, Trevor Hamilton 5, Hayden Hanks 7, Logan Nefzger 6, Josh Nieskens 7, Tyson Bridges 6

Brockton girls 77, Frazer 74
Frazer girls        7 17 22 28―74
Brockton        20 17 14 26―77
Amanda Buckles 8, Shaedel Adams 23, Kyrsten Miller 2, Kylie Jackson 5, Nakiya Hotomanie 9, Danielle Helgeson 21, Leslelgh Williams 6
April Brown 10, Jasmine Eder 15, Alleen Russell 40, Laney Boadle 4, Kiah Grey Bear 1, Ellyn Plain Bull 4

Scobey boys 48, Brockton 26
Scobey boys     10 18 10 10―48
Brockton        10  6  7  3―26
Kole Ralston 2, Peyton Nieskens 3, C.J. Nelson 19, Preston Baldry 6, Lane Knudsen 3, Kobe Ralston 5, Hugh Cole, 8, Dylan Booth 2
Jamis Rattling Thunder 4, Randen Bear 6, Alfred Longee 2, Leroy Boyd 7, Jalen Johnson 2, Melvin Rattling Thunder 5.

Culbertson boys 56, Scobey 45
Culbertson boys 12 11 15 18―56
Scobey             13 12  8 12―45

Plentywood girls 49, Culbertson 45
Culbertson        10  4 12 19―45
Plentywood      13 12 11 13―49

Frazer boys 58, Brockton 46
Brockton boys   12 11 14 9―46
Frazer              16 24 10 8―58

Pre-Season Tournament At WPHS This Week

(H)- Home Uniforms (V) Visitor Uniforms
Friday, Dec 12
9 a.m. – Frazer Girls (H) vs. Brockton Girls (V)
10:30 a.m. – Scobey Girls (H) vs. Savage Girls (V)
Noon – Brockton Boys (H) vs. Scobey Boys (V)
1:30 p.m. – Savage Boys (H) vs. Frazer Boys (V)
3 p.m. – Fairview Girls (H) vs. Plentywood Girls (V)
4:30 p.m. – Fairview Boys (H) vs. Plentywood Boys (V)
6 p.m. – WP Girls (H) vs. Culbertson Girls (V)
7:30 p.m. – WP Boys (H) vs. Culbertson Boys (V)
Saturday, Dec 13
9 a.m. – Savage Girls (H) vs. Frazer Girls (V)
10:30 a.m. – Brockton Girls (H) vs. Scobey Girls (V)
Noon – Culbertson Boys (H) vs. Scobey Boys (V)
1:30 p.m. – Plentywood Boys (H) vs. Savage Boys (H)
3 p.m. – Plentywood Girls (H)) vs. Culbertson Girls (V)
4:30 p.m. – Frazer Boys (H) vs. Brockton Boys (V)
6 p.m. – WP Girls (H) vs. Fairview Girls (V)
7:30 p.m. – WP Boys (H) vs. Fairview Boys (V)

Solem Named Coach Of The Year

The Montana Coach’s Association has named Culbertson’s David Solem as Class C cross country coach of the year for 2014.
Coaches of the year were selected by fellow MCA coaches.
Solem and other coaches who were selected will be honored during the 2015 MCA Awards Banquet July 30 in Great Falls.

Post Season Honors For Eastern C Football

The following are post season honors for Cowboys, other Eastern C players.
First Team Offense
Quarterbacks: Monte Cayko, Fairview; Sethe Bayles, Broadus.
Running Backs: Shawn Shaefferkoetter, Wibaux; Kris Noble, Broadus; Lee Delp, Circle; Colton Tousignant, Wibaux; Angus Lund, Wibaux.
Center: Wyatt Miske, Wibaux.
Guards: Trenton Farnworth, Wibaux; Chad Nelson, Wibaux.
End: Connor Leach, Wibaux; Ben Hardy, Fairview.
Second Team Offense
Quarterback: Noah Schneider, Wibaux.
Running Backs: Tony Williams, Culbertson/Bainville; Alex Taylor, Fairview; Wrye Williams, Broadus; Josh Hurley, Fairview.
Center: Jay Randall, Broadus.
Guards: Dylan Booth, Scobey: Colton Fleming, Circle; Jon Lebsock, Fairview; Riley Smith, Wibaux.
Ends: Pat Hardy, Fairview; Jared Gustafson, Fairview.
First Team Defense
Linemen: Trenton Farnworth, Wibaux; Wyatt Miske, Wibaux; Ben Hardy, Fairview; Wrye Williams, Broadus; Riley Smith, Wibaux.
Linebackers: Chad Nelson, Wibaux; Shawn Schaefferkoetter, Wibaux; Kris Noble, Broadus; Jon Lebsock, Fairview.
Defensive Backs: Conner Leach, Wibaux; Colton Tousignant, Wibaux; Danny Linder, Scobey.
Second Team Defense
Linemen: Colton Fleming, Circle; Pat Hardy, Fairview; Trevor Girard, Scobey; Darnell Parisian, Hays.
Linebackers: Joel Rocha, Scobey; Tucker Harmon, Broadus; Lee Delp, Circle; Sterling White Cow, Hays.
Defensive Backs: Jhett Quade, Wibaux; Cameron Lambert, Culbertson/Bain-ville; Monte Cayko, Fairview; Tanner Reynolds, Fairview.
In addition, Tony Williams of Culbertson-Bainville was named to the 2014 Class C Treasure State All-Star Game for the Eastern Division.