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Commissioners Hold Off Making Appointment

Seven days after Roosevelt County Commissioners promised an appointment within 10 days to the District 1 seat, the position remains vacant, with a promise to appoint a new commissioner Tuesday, Dec. 22, 14 days after the 10-day promise.

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Commissioners Delay Decision On United Grain Abatement

For the second time in seven days, the Roosevelt County Commissioners took no action Tuesday, Dec. 15, on a request for a county tax abatement for the expansion of the United Grain elevator facility in Culbertson.

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Deputy Injured In Crash During Three-Hour High-Speed Pursuit

A nearly three-hour high-speed pursuit through five counties in eastern Montana and North Dakota Tuesday, Dec. 8, ended one-half mile inside Sheridan County near Homestead.
The chase that started in Fairview late Monday, Dec. 7, resulted in a crash with Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Tim Lingle, who was treated for minor injuries. The Ford SUV patrol vehicle sustained front end damage.

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County-Wide Sweep Checks Sex, Violent Offender Compliance

A five-agency multi-jurisdictional effort Nov. 17 and 18 involving the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office, Fort Peck Tribes, federal and state law enforcement targeted 71 tribal and state registered sex and violent offenders in sweeping probation compliance checks.
Sheriff Jason Frederick, undersheriff John Summers, chief deputy Corey Reum, several deputies and members of the Fort Peck Tribal Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act Team were paired with deputy U.S. marshals, federal probation and parole officers and agents from the Montana Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation, checking compliance with the federal SORNA.
Summers said Montana U.S. Marshal Darrell Bell brought seven deputy marshals to Roose-velt County.
“We all broke up into teams of two. We scattered across the county and reservation to check on these people,” Summers said. He said the list of names was lengthy.
“If they weren’t home we left notices for them to come up to the sheriff’s office to update. Most of them did. There were a few people who moved out of state and didn’t tell anybody,” Summers said.
It was determined that five registered offenders moved out of Roosevelt County. One was located in Minnesota, one in Nebraska, one in North Dakota and one in South Dakota. One was located living elsewhere in Montana. All were found to be in compliance and registered in other jurisdictions.
Three people on the sex offender list were arrested on federal warrants for probation violations and one was arrested on a tribal warrant.
Fifty-three sex offenders were verified as compliant. Two offenders living in Roosevelt County were found to be non-compliant and follow-up investigations will be conducted to determine if formal charges for failing to register will be filed. Four are incarcerated in the county and tribal jails. Three are in federal custody. Eleven sex offenders and five violent offenders were brought into proper compliance.
Failure to register as a sex or violent offender is a probation violation.
“Our office was pleased to work with the U.S. Marshals Office, the Fort Peck Tribes’ SORNA Office and the Division of Criminal Investigation staff from the Montana Department of Justice during the two-day operation,” Summers said.
“In Roosevelt County and the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, it’s extremely important to the safety of the public that we ensure our sexual and violent offenders are living at the address they registered at and are in compliance with any conditions they may have,” he said.
It was the first time multi-agency compliance checks have been conducted in Roose-velt County.
Montana Attorney General Tim Fox initiated offender compliance checks in 2013. To date, law enforcement agencies have also conducted operations in Beaverhead, Glacier, Lake and Pondera counties the cities of Billings, Great Falls, Kalispell and Missoula.
“This operation is a good example of multiple law enforcement agencies pooling their resources to keep Montana families safe, including those living on our reservations,” Fox said in a prepared statement. “We look forward to announcing the results of more compliance checks with our local, state, and federal partners as well as offering the public up-to-date information on our Sexual or Violent Offender Registry.”
Under Montana law, convicted sexual or violent offenders must register their address of residence with local law enforcement. The information is provided to the Montana Department of Justice and input into the Sexual or Violent Offender Registry. Depending on their tier level designation, sex offenders must verify their addresses with law enforcement on a regular basis (by law, violent offenders are not given a tier level). When an offender fails to verify his/her address, he/she falls out of compliance with the registry.
• Tier III (the most dangerous) sex offenders must verify address every 90 days.
• Tier II sex offenders must verify address every 180 days.
• Tier I and non-designated sex offenders must verify their address once each year.
Montana tracks an average of 2,300 sexual offenders and 3,300 violent offenders at any given time.
The registry is viewable online at https://app.doj.mt.gov/apps/svow/default.aspx n-line.
Online visitors may also register for free email notifications that allow them to be automatically notified whenever a sexual or violent offender moves into a zip code of interest to subscribers.

LEPC Holds Light-Agenda Meeting


Attending the LEPC meeting in Poplar Tuesday, Dec. 8 were: (from left to right) Chuck Hyatt, Bainville Fire Department; Lyle Lambert, Bainville Fire Department; Benjie Butikofer, town of Bainville; Teresia Moore, Roosevelt Medical Center Emergency Medical Services; John Carlbom, Wolf Point EMS manager; Jaimee Green, LEPC secretary; and Lee Allmer, LEPC Chairperson.  (Photo by Angela Rose Benson)

The Roosevelt County Local Emergency Planning Committee held their monthly meeting Tuesday, Dec. 8, at the Fort Peck Tribal Building in Poplar.
During the light-agenda meeting, committee members expressed their concern for how difficult it will be to fill the DES coordinator position when it becomes vacant. While there is no retirement date set for Dan Sietsema, the current Disaster and Emergency Services coordinator, there has been talk that it could happen in the next year.   

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