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Supreme Court Orders State DOJ To Respond To Beach’s Petition

The Montana Supreme Court has ordered the state Department of Justice to respond to assertions in a petition filed by an attorney representing former Poplar resident Barry Beach.
The petition was filed Thursday, Oct. 23, and asks that Beach be re-sentenced. Wednesday, Oct. 29, the highest state court ordered the DOJ to respond within 30 days, by Nov. 28.
DOJ attorneys must answer allegations in the petition that Beach’s 100-year sentence that was handed down in 1984 is not legal because Beach was a minor at the time the crime was committed and the sentence does not provide an opportunity for him to obtain his freedom.
A 2005 U.S. Supreme Court ruling requires judges who impose sentences to take into consideration that minors are not as responsible for crimes as adults and more likely than adult offenders to be reformed.
The petition asks the Supreme Court to order that Beach, 52, be re-sentenced with consideration that he was 17 years old at the time of the offense he was convicted of.
Beach was convicted in 17th District Court in Glasgow in April 1984 of the 1979 beating death of Poplar High School classmate Kim Nees and dumping her body in the Poplar River. Beach has maintained his innocence for 35 years.
In June, the Montana Board of Pardons and Parole rejected an application from Beach for a full clemency hearing.

Bainville Announces 1st Quarter Honor Roll

Bainville School has announced the first quarter honor roll for high school and junior high students.
Seniors: Carly Bowker, Patrick Butikofer, Justin Freed, Mikayla Lambert, Michael Miller, Elizabeth Rabbe, Somer Reidle [4.0 GPA], Collin Ryder and Gabriel Walch.
Juniors: Alexis Anaya, Austin Friese, Samantha Holte, Beau Hyatt, Andri Rhodes, Brandon Ross, Katelyn Sandvik, Michael Sheehan and Austin Strickland.
Sophomores: Mackenzie Butikofer, Jameson Egemo, Trustin Holcomb, Gracie Jorgenson [4.0 GPA], Dylan Rabbe, Abby Reidle [4.0 GPA], Austin Romo, Elijah Romo, Cathryn Russell and Jaden Smith.
Freshmen: Macala Adkins, Carlee Azure, Taylor Mayer, Joely Picard, Elise Romo, Jasmine Russell [4.0 GPA], Alicia Simonson [4.0 GPA], William South, Jaden Strickland and David Winn.
Eighth Grade: Morgan Holte, Bonny Krogedal, Lextyn Portra, Allie Romo, Summer Romo, Kataryna Ross and Paytyn Wilson.
Seventh Grade: Violet Azure, Kodi Bilquist, Derek Bowker, Karisa Goebel, Kiylee Kellis, Aubrey Picard, Kailin Pippenger, Ethan Romo, KateLynn South, Natalie Stokke, Chloe Tolbert [4.0 GPA] and Carson Ullmer.

Wounded Warriors Come To Culbertson


Scott Aspenlieder and State Representative Austin Knudsen, R-Culbertson, recently hosted a hunting trip for the Wounded Warrior Program for the third year. Each year a Wounded Warrior Foundation Board Member and two members of the program have come to Culbertson and stayed with the host family, Alan and Raedelle Aspenlieder, for a weekend of bird hunting. This year only one member was able to make the trip. Pictured are (from left to right) Scott Aspenlieder, Montana Wounded Warrior Foundation board member Mark Boardman, Wounded Warrior veteran Steve Beaty and Knudsen.  (Submitted photo)

Fire Hall Donation



Wes Portra, from SM Energy, presented a check to Alan Aspenlieder, Mike
Machart and Pat Dresher for the Culbertson Fire Hall on Tuesday, Oct. 21. The firefighters are hoping to raise money for a new fire house and community center.  (Photo by Nancy Mahan)

Story Hour Halloween


Story Hour attendees had Halloween Fun at the Culbertson Public Library. Children were invited to dress in costume if they wished. They visited office personnel in the Roosevelt County Building, listened to Halloween stories, played games and enjoyed a spider cookie treat furnished by Ashlee Anderson. (Submitted photo)