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Roosevelt County Jail Roster For Nov. 12, 2015

(Editor’s Note: The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office distributes an inmate roster each week with charges and communities of residence to help keep the public informed. Names on the jail roster are those of everyone incarcerated and persons booked into the jail during the previous week and does not necessarily mean there is a new charge or conviction. Some individuals might be serving time for a previous conviction.)
As of Monday, Nov. 9, 10 inmates were housed in the Roosevelt County Jail. Valley County Detention Center was holding three females to alleviate overcrowding.
The RCSO reported that the following individuals were incarcerated at the jail between Monday, Nov. 2, and Monday, Nov. 9:
•Frank Baker, 33, Wolf Point, criminal possession of dangerous drugs;
•Amos Bridges, 39, Wolf Point, criminal contempt warrant;
•Jason Daugherty, 37, Wolf Point, criminal possession of dangerous drugs [two counts], criminal possession of drug paraphernalia, attempted assault on a peace officer or judicial officer and resisting arrest;
•Aaron Etner, 33, Fresno, Calif., partner or family member assault;
•Jason Fridge, 30, Williston, N.D., driving under the influence of any drug;
•Christopher L. Hovey, 26, Williston, N.D., out-of- county warrant;
•Kevyn Johannesson, 26, Williston, N.D., fleeing or eluding a peace officer, criminal endangerment and obstructing a peace officer;
•John Menz, 31, Poplar, driving under the influence, criminal child, possession of drug paraphernalia, criminal endangerment, driving under the influence - detectable level of intoxication and driver under the influence of any drug - narcotics;
•Jim Simpson, 47, Culbertson, driving under the influence - first offense;
•Monte Walton, 35, Poplar, endangering the welfare of a child, violation of a protective order, first offense, criminal possession of dangerous drugs and criminal possession of drug paraphernalia;
•Curt Zimmerman, 21, Wolf Point, out-of-county warrant, released time served.

Jaimee Green Garners Most Votes For Culbertson Council ― Countywide Unofficial Results


Jaimee Elizabeth Green was elected unopposed to the Ward 2 Culbertson City Council seat with 52 votes. Incumbent W. Bruce Houle was reelected in Ward 1 unopposed with 35 votes.
As in most communities, Culbertson’s voter turnout was low at 26 percent.
Bainville: Scott Ross elected to a four-year term unopposed with 22 votes. The voter turnout was 27 percent.
Brockton: Rae Jean Belgarde defeated Rodney Burshia 6-2 for a four-year term, and Gregory J. Brugh Jr., defeated Stacy Stangland 6-1 with a 10 percent voter turnout.
Froid: Gregg Labatte and Gale Strandlund were elected to four-year terms with 48 and 47 votes respectively. There were no other candidates. The voter turnout was 54 percent, the highest of any community in Roosevelt County.
Poplar: John Q. Grainger with 15 votes and DerrekBridges with eight votes appear to have been elected to four-year terms on the city council. Others receiving votes were: Michael Dimas, 6 Curry Kirn, 6; Howard Azure, 5; Dallas O’Connor, 5; Charles Pollock, 5; Ward Dehner, 4; Greg Gourneau, 4; Rick Kirn, 3; Gary Sadler, 3; Billie Norgaard, 2; Frank Smith, 2; Rodney Standen, 2; Krystal Atkinson, 1; Arthur Baker, 1; Donovan Bridges, 1; Keith Erickson, 1; Patricia E. Iron Cloud, 1; Kevin Kennaugh, 1; Robert Macannally, 1; John Morales, 1; Griffin Ricker, 1; Kenneth Trottier Jr., 1; and Marjorie Youpee, 1.
The voter turnout in Poplar was 17 percent.
Wolf Point: Bill Juve might have been elected to the Ward 2 City Council seat with two write-in votes in the municipal election Tuesday, Nov. 3.
Ashley Moran, who was appointed to the council from Ward 2 in 2014, did not file for election. Juve is the unofficial winner with the two votes. He would have to accept election to the council. David Allen, Karen Babcock, Dave Brownlee and Susan D. Johnson each received one write-in vote. Ward 1 councilman John Plestina also received one write-in vote in Ward 2.
In Ward 1, incumbent Laurie Evans was reelected to a four-year position unopposed with 24 votes. Plestina, who was appointed to the other Ward 1 seat in September, was elected to a two-year position unopposed with three write-in votes.
In Ward 3, incumbent Craig Rodenberg was reelected to a four-year position with 129 votes.
In Ward 4, incumbent Judy Page was reelected to a four-year position with 104 votes.
Roosevelt County Clerk and Recorder Cheryl Hansen reported a 30 percent voter turnout for Wolf Point, with the highest turnouts on the north side with 44 percent in Ward 3 and 40 percent in Ward 4. On the south side, 19 percent of Ward 1 voters cast mail-in ballots and just 6 percent from Ward 2.

Culbertson JMG


Culbertson High School Jobs for Montana Graduates students take a moment with Shirl Shanks to take part in the Red Ribbon Run and mend the hoop event as they travel home from the Fall Leadership Conference in Helena. Pictured are (From left to right) Shiloh Thomas, Brooks Ashner, Shanks, Raven Martell and  Elizabeth Cady.    (Submitted photo)

Culbertson Council Denies United Grain Tax Abatement Request

The Culbertson Town Council denied a request by United Grain for a tax abatement during a heavily attended council meeting Tuesday, Nov. 2
Doug Engle, treasurer for United Grains, was on a Skype call with the council to give details on why United Grains is requesting a tax abatement, saying that they are looking to construct two additional grain bins for storage on their 2013-built facility.
“United Grains is always looking to increase the functioning of our facility. We believe our employees are good members of the community. We also have built three homes,” Engle said.
United Grains has paid $159,000 in 2013 and $194,000 in 2014 in property taxes.
“This year we will have to pay about $190,000 in property taxes,” said Engle. He also mentioned that United Grains applied for the same abatement request in 2013 with Roosevelt County but were denied.
United Grain requested the help of the council in paying off the property taxes to help them afford the $5.6 million project of constructing the two grain bins. There was no second motion amongst the council to pass the motion of approving the abatement request.
Dr. Rex Crick, chief operating officer of Sionix Oilfield Services, was also in attendance. Crick requested that the council remove any town water distributors as commercial buildings so that SOS does not have to compete with the city’s water sales.
According to Crick, Sionix puts $350,000 a year into Culbertson in terms of salaries. They bought everything they could for their business locally and paid half a million in back taxes when legally they did not have to.
“You know what’s happening to the oil field. It would be a lot easier to keep this thing running through the winter and into the spring if the water is bought at Sionix. It would be nice to have the water sales that you guys [city] has,” Crick said.
Crick also said he bought a house in Culbertson, with his daughter buying her own home locally as well.
“We just want to be a part of the community without having to compete with the city for water sales,” he said.
Mayor Gordon Oelkers said that the council would not remove any Culbertson water distributors from being commercial buildings.
“We want to keep your business around, but I don’t think we should remove anything as commercial. Just market Sionix. Put some flyers up. You guys can fill three trucks at once and we can only fill one at a time. Trucks will come your way if they know that,” he said.
A public works update was given by Don Davis, of WWC Engineering, on the Wastewater Phase II project. According to Davis, the project is 72 percent complete. A majority of the pond has been constructed, as well as the concrete splash pads. The inside of the building near the ponds is complete and the metal roof is being installed. The valves that will connect the distribution well to phase I have arrived, though, they are still waiting for the delivery of the valves to connect both ponds. Any valves that have been delivered will be installed by Nov. 20.
“With winter months approaching, those ponds are going to freeze over and we are not going to be able to install any pipes or aeration equipment until May. We may need to shut down until then,” Davis said.
All electrical work is 60 percent complete.
The next Culbertson Town Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 7, at 7:30 p.m. at the town hall.

Roosevelt Medical Center Receives Quality Award


Pictured are (from left to right) Jessica Schmitz, director of nursing for RMC, and Brenda Harvey, social services designee and quality assurance director.   (Photo by Jaimee Green)

Roosevelt Medical Center was recently awarded the Montana Rural Healthcare Performance Improvement Network’s Quality Improvement Award for its work on “Improving Emergency Department Transfer Communications.
“There is a set amount of information we must send to the receiving hospital in a timely manner and this includes administrative, patient information, medications, physician, procedures and test information,” said Brenda Harvey, social services designee and quality assurance director for RMC.
 The awards were announced during the general session at the Montana Hospital Association’s Annual Convention held in Billings on Sept. 24.
The Montana Rural Healthcare Performance Improvement Network is a voluntary membership of 48 critical access hospitals throughout the state. Through this Network, member hospitals are able to benchmark their performance with their peers on a variety of financial, utilization and direct patient care measures that encourage safe, effective, patient-centered care delivery in even the most remote communities of the state. PIN quality of care measures are based on national benchmarks, but are tailored to reflect the realities of the state’s rural population.
Throughout 2014 and 2015, PIN members worked in two focus areas to improve the quality of care provided to the members of their communities: meeting federal requirements for transfer documentation and improving patient safety in hospital medication use. Applicants for awards in 2015 were required to demonstrate measurable improvement in two or more of the previously mentioned quality of care focus areas over the previous 12 months and consistent participation in the PIN’s benchmarking program.  Applicants were also required to demonstrate an active and leading role in supporting PIN quality improvement efforts by participating in PIN events and sharing with peers.