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Trump, Sanders, Bullock, Gianforte Primary Winners; Roosevelt County Public Safety Mill Levy Passes

Donald Trump with 73 percent of the Montana Republican vote won the GOP presidential primary and Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton with 51 percent in the Montana Primary Tuesday, June 7.
Trump and Clinton are presumptive nominees. Both major parties will hold nominating conventions in August.
Frank Smith of Poplar won the Democratic primary in State Senate District 16.
Roosevelt County voters approved the Public Safety Fund mill levy 1,027-578.
Unofficial results as of Wednesday, June 8, showed a 32 percent voter turnout in Roosevelt County. The Roosevelt County totals are shown first followed by statewide or district-wide totals.
Democratic presidential: Bernie Sanders, 63,168, 397 in Roosevelt County; Hillary Clinton, 55,194, 314 in Roosevelt County; no preference, 5,356, two in Roosevelt County.
Republican presidential: Donald Trump, 82,409, 712 in Roosevelt County; Ted Cruz, 14,476, 66 in Roosevelt County; John Kasich, 10,622, 26 in Roosevelt County; Marco Rubio, 5,113, 21 in Roosevelt County; Jeb Bush, 3,248, 14 in Roosevelt County; no Preference, 7,291, 41 in Roosevelt County.
Democratic gubernatorial: Steve Bullock, 109,567, 615 in Roosevelt County; Bill McChesney, 10,503, 103 in Roosevelt County.
Republican gubernatorial: Greg Gianforte, 110,079, 590 in Roosevelt County; Terry Nelson, 34,074, 207 in Roosevelt County.
The following results are for Roosevelt County and district wide.
State Senate District 16 Democratic: Frank J. Smith, 657, 404 in Roosevelt County; Leann Montes, 494, 109 in Roosevelt County; Bobbi Favel, 320, 34 in Roosevelt County.
State Senate District 16 Republican: G. Bruce Meyers, 1,192, 342 in Roosevelt County.
State Senate District 17 Democrats: Douglas Adolphson, 1,307, 131 in Roosevelt County.
State Senate District 17 Republican: Mike L. Lang, 2,535, 263 in Roosevelt County; Wayne Stahl, 1,666, 134 in Roosevelt County.
State Representative District 31 Democratic: Bridget Smith, 661.
State Representative District 31 Republican: write-in votes, 31.
State Representative District 34 Democratic: Evelyn Carlisle, 709, 151 in Roosevelt County.
State Representative District 34 Republican: Austin Knudsen, 2,016, 425 in Roosevelt County.
Other races
U.S. Congress: Denise Juneau, Democrat, unopposed, 110,572, 696 in Roosevelt County; Ryan Zinke, Republican, unopposed, 142,780, 806 in Roosevelt County.
Attorney General: Larry Jent, Democrat, unopposed, 100,117, 629 in Roosevelt County; Tim Fox, Republican, unopposed, 138,279, 777 in Roosevelt County.
Secretary of State: Monica Lindeen, Democrat, unopposed, 109,374, 689 in Roosevelt County; Corey Stapleton, Republican, unopposed, 135,478, 759 in Roosevelt County.
State Auditor: Jesse Laslovich, Democrat, unopposed, 101,823, 622 in Roosevelt County; Matt Rosendale, Republican, unopposed, 131,151, 738 in Roosevelt County.
State Superintendent of Public Instruction: Melissa Romano, Democrat, unopposed, 101,840, 645 in Roosevelt County; Elsie Arntzen, Republican, unopposed, 128,153, 729 in Roosevelt County.
State Supreme Court [non-partisan]
Chief Justice: Mike McGrath, 233,893, 1,380 in Roosevelt County.
Justice No. 3: Kristen Juras, 99,176, 654 in Roosevelt County; Dirk Sandefur, 77,698, 320 in Roosevelt County; Eric Mills, 48,277, 235 in Roosevelt County.
Justice No. 6: Jim Shea, unopposed, 223,417, 1,327 in Roosevelt County.

Tribal Veterans Honored

The Fort Peck Tribes Veterans Affairs office hosted an awards ceremony on Monday, May 23, to honor tribal veterans by presenting numerous veterans with medals and certificates each had earned during their years of service.

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Cultural Healing Tool Pays Homage To Kenzley Olson’s Brief Life

A multi-cultural healing tool paid homage to Kenzley Olson’s brief 414-day life and shed light on harsh realities of violence and drug and alcohol addiction on the Fort Peck Reservation during a somber traditional ceremony in Greet The Dawn Auditorium in Poplar Wednesday, May 16.

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Hunter, Bowhunter Education Instructors Needed In Region

Volunteer instructors are being sought for the hunter and bowhunter education programs in Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Region 6, which includes the counties of Hill, Blaine, Phillips, Valley, Daniels, McCone, Sheridan and Roosevelt. In particular, more instructors are needed in the Culbertson, Bainville, Froid, Medicine Lake and Plentywood areas.
Hunter and bowhunter education are state mandated courses, which are taught by dedicated volunteers.
Region 6 is in need of recruiting more of these dedicated men and women to continue to serve the Region 6 area. Anyone who is at least 12 years old is eligible to apply.
The heart of Montana’s hunter and bowhunter education programs is the group of dedicated volunteer instructors.
They stand as examples of how each hunter should demonstrate safety, ethics, behavior, and responsibility to not only themselves, but also to landowners, other hunters and the resource.
These instructors choose to honor Montana’s hunting heritage and “Pass it On!” by sharing their skills, experiences and their love of hunting and Montana’s vast resources with those new to hunting and outdoor adventure.
If you are interested in the future of hunting, in improving sportsmanship and safety in the field, or teaching an appreciation for the vast hunting resources in Montana, then we need you to join us and “Pass it On!”
For information on becoming a hunter or bowhunter education instructor, call Marc Kloker, Region 6 information and education program manager, at 406-228-3704, or visit the FWP web site at fwp.mt.gov/education/hunter/instructors/ to learn more and apply.

Emergency Planning Committee Looks Ahead To Summer Events

The Roosevelt County Local Emergency Planning Committee planned upcoming events during its monthly meeting on Tuesday, May 10, in Wolf Point.
Lee Allmer, chairman of the committee, made sure that participants knew that Lindsey McNabb is the county’s new disaster and emergency services director.
“We try to make it the right environment for everyone to have a say,” Allmer, deputy DES director, said.
McNabb said DES didn’t receive the homeland security grant this year, partly because she didn’t have much time to complete the grant after being selected as director.
She hopes that she can spend more time on the grant in future years.
Allmer urges all officials to be pro-active and get a head start before grant items come up.
Summer activities for the committee include having booths at the county fair, Wolf Point Stampede and other events. Allmer explained volunteer hours at such activities translate into more funding through the pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant and less burden on taxpayers.
The hospital in Culbertson will have a health fair on Saturday, July 23, at the Roosevelt County Fairgrounds.
Another important upcoming event is crisis management training for school-based situations. Rusty Boxer, the Fort Peck Tribal DES coordinator, is organizing the event to be held in Poplar.
Allmer said he’s pleased that school officials from Wolf Point, Frontier, Froid and Bainville have attended recent LEPC meetings. “They know we’re out there and trying to do something,” Allmer said.
Lori Reed, FEMA, EPA preparedness unit, spoke about how outreach group has plans to become more available in eastern Montana.
She said she is willing to answer any questions dealing with grants. “We don’t want to leave any of the money on the table,” Reed said.
The next LEPC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 14, at 2 p.m. in Poplar.