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Commissioners Chided For Not Fixing Rodeo Road

A Wolf Point man told the Roosevelt County Board of County Commissioners, Tuesday, July 2, that they didn’t honor a promise to repair Rodeo Road before the end of spring.
Bill Juve referred to the minutes of the Oct. 31, 2013, commission meeting where he said the board had promised to repair holes on Rodeo Road, just east of the city of Wolf Point.
“Spring is come. Spring is gone,” Juve said.
“We’ve been down this road and back for four or five years now,” he said.
Juve said potholes are causing wear and tear to vehicles.
Commission chairman Duane Nygaard said asphalt and a provider for oil are available.
“We are projecting that after Stampede, we will get that patched,” he said.
Juve responded with a question of which year’s Stampede.
“Before freeze up,” Nygaard said.
In other business, the commissioners approved a purchase of two computers for the Sheriff’s office for dispatch services for a little over $3,000.
The commissioners are required to pre-approve purchases exceeding $500, which had not been done. A representative of the Sheriff’s Office told the commissioners the 911 board approved the purchase. Commissioner Gary Macdonald told him the commissioners ultimately have the power to make decisions.
The commissioners discussed hiring one-fourth of a human resources employee to share with Valley, Daniels and Sheridan counties. A meeting with commissioners of the other counties will be held at a later date.

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Frontier Day Meal Earns Money For Pool

The Frontier Day meal earned $2,611 for the splash pool in Culbertson and a presentation of a movie made $443.
The Women’s Club is looking for local businesses or organizations that are willing to contribute time, service, materials or monetary donations for the pool.
For more information, contact Ashley Anderson at 787-5820 or Lanette Bidegaray at 480-3526 or visit www.facebook.com/culbertsonwomensclub.

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Frontier Days Parade


The 52nd annual Frontier Days rodeo was held Friday and Saturday, June 20-21, in the Culbertson Saddle Club arena. Several wagons and lots of horses participated in the annual Frontier Days parade.   (Photo by Nancy Mahan)

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The Searchlight Transitioning To New Size, Format

The Searchlight readers will see a new, larger size newspaper next week as we are transitioning to a broadsheet format from the traditional tabloid format that The Searchlight has used for many years.
To accommodate the new size, The Searchlight will be printed in Great Falls Tuesday evenings and transported back to Wolf Point for the weekly mailings to subscribers on Wednesdays.
Several weeks ago, we changed the deadline to Tuesday at 9 a.m. in preparation for this change. While some last-minute submissions after 9 a.m. Tuesday may be able to be accepted for that week’s issue, we encourage everyone with news items or advertising to ensure that we have them by the deadline.
Changing to the new size will also allow The Searchlight to print full color ads for our advertisers at under half the cost.

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Law Enforcement Responds To Gun Calls In Area

Several firearms calls  last weekend kept law enforcement busy on the east end of Roosevelt County. No injuries were reported in any of the incidents.
Two calls came in nearly simultaneously at approximately 3:30 a.m. Sunday, June 22, in Culbertson.
The first call was to the Montana Bar for a report of a male with a weapon. The establishment was not open, but patrons were standing outside. A Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded and no charges were filed.
The second call was to Twight’s Bottom, a local party/fishing spot south of Culbertson on the Roosevelt County side of the Missouri River. The caller reported that a male had been threatening others with a shotgun, but that they were holding the male down and had taken the firearm away.
The RCSO arrested Cody Twomey of Culbertson for felony assault with a weapon and possession of an intoxicating substance under the age of 21 but over the age of 18.
At 6 a.m., the RCSO assisted the Fort Peck Tribes Department of Law and Justice with a possible domestic violence call with a weapon in Brockton. No charges were filed and no one was taken into custody.
Later that evening, the RCSO assisted the Brockton City Police and Fort Peck Tribes Department of Law and Justice.
Three male suspects had gotten into an altercation and had barricaded themselves, reportedly with a firearm, into a residence on Circle Drive in Brockton.
Two males came out of the house and were not arrested. The third was located by law enforcement and was arrested on a tribal warrant.
The incident reportedly started over a fight call a short distance away from the home. No firearm was located by law enforcement.
Additional charges are pending.

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