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Pink Carpet Event Bringing Awareness, Bingo And Vendors

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Roosevelt Medical Center is busy planning their second annual Pink Carpet Event, set to be held Tuesday, Oct. 18, at 5:30 p.m. at the American Legion Hall in Culbertson.
Attendees will hear a brief Breast Cancer & You presentation from Elizabeth Kleppen, a physician’s assistant at RMC.
They will also have the opportunity to meet RMC’s newest provider, Patricia Alderson, a family nurse practitioner, while participating in Pink Bingo and enjoy shopping with a number of local vendors. There will also be a question and answer portion of the evening and an educational display where attendees can feel the difference between healthy and unhealthy breast tissue on a plastic mold.
Hors d’oeuvres, pink desserts and wine will also be available.
A Best Dressed in Pink Contest will take place along with several other raffles and door prizes. Attendees who bring an unopened bottle of wine will be entered into a drawing to win a wine cellar.
The Tree of Hope will be on display and attendees will have an opportunity to purchase pink bulbs to be signed and displayed annually in honor or memory of a loved one. Proceeds collected will benefit local breast cancer awareness efforts at RMC.
“A community-wide focus on cancer prevention and treatment helps residents in the communities served by Roosevelt Medical Center learn more about breast cancer and encourages early detection,” said Jaimee Green, marketing and foundation director for RMC. “Efforts to bring attention to the need for early detection via mammograms are paying off, as more women are discovering their cancers while it is still treatable,” she added.
The event is free to the public and everyone is encouraged to attend.
For more information, or if you are interested in being a vendor, contact Jaimee Green at 787-6476 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Council Works With DES To Upgrade PDM

Culbertson’s Town Council held a lightly attended meeting on Monday, Oct. 3 where Roosevelt County DES coordinator, Lindsey McNabb, was in attendance requesting that the council update their Pre-Disaster Mitigation grant.
The PDM grant is federally required to be updated every five years and submitted to FEMA. The grant implements a sustained pre-disaster natural hazard mitigation plan based on the community’s needs, resources and weather threats.
McNabb needed council members to discuss what actions are needed, what actions can be eliminated and what actions to keep on the new plan to benefit the town in the event of possible future natural disasters.
Mayor Gordon Oelkers and council members added and kept several actions to the PDM plan, including but not limited to public education on warning sirens, weather shelters and education for the public on where shelters are located and an active growth policy.
A mutual aid agreement is needed with local businesses, churches or the County Building on becoming weather shelters. Mosquito control and sewer line replacement were kept to the city’s PDM plan.
The Council added a need to upgrade the Culbertson Volunteer Fire Department and have the resources to handle structure fires. Hazardous material transportation and train incidents were added, and were named the Council’s most important action. Other most important actions were the weather shelters, generators for public facilities and public education. Severe winter and summer storms were also added to the PDM as there is a need for more snow-moving vehicles. A siren was also added as it is needed for Culbertson’s north subdivision.
McNabb will take the PDM grant rough draft that was upgraded at the meeting and add it into Roosevelt County’s updated plan. From there, it is sent to the state to be audited twice, then it will return back to the County to be formally adopted. Once adopted, the Town of Culbertson will be covered for five years.
The Wastewater Phase 11 project is close to its completion and WWC is hoping for good weather for the next few weeks, as recently it has not been conducive in allowing progress to be made.
A short discussion ensued on the Legion Park access. “If County entities have deeded ownership of land, then it is their right to defend it for public benefit,” said Greg Hennessy, city attorney.
The Council reviewed and accepted a letter of resignation sent in by Ross Helmer, the current librarian assistant at Culbertson’s Public Library. Mayor Gordon Oelkers applauded her for a job well done over the years. Helmer will resign on Wednesday, Dec. 28. The Council agreed to begin advertising for the position in mid-November. It was mentioned a community member was willing to volunteer until the position is filled.
A potential, future fish pond for youth was discussed. Oelkers mentioned that WWC will need to survey the area before any long term leases can be discussed. The proposed location is land by Sionix Oilfield Services in the southwest corner close to the Weigh Station. “It will be about two to three more years until we see this project completed,” said Oelkers.
A public hearing for the water rate increase will be held Monday, Nov. 7, at 6 p.m. at the Town Hall. A regular Council meeting will follow at 7:30 p.m.

Culbertson School Welcomes New Second-Grade Teacher

Culbertson Public Schools has hired Jim Harkins, whom was born in Ohio and grew up in Billings, as a second-grade teacher.
Harkins’ parents were both teachers and two siblings are both in education as well — a brother who was a teacher and a sister who was a teacher and a principal.

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Women’s Club Old-Fashioned Carnival, Walkathon Raises $10,000

The event held on Saturday, Aug. 27, gave Culbertson and area residents a workout and an evening full of old-fashioned fun. The event met the Women’s Club’s goal of raising $10,000. All proceeds are being used to provide Cul-
bertson’s pool with a splash pad and bath house. Some 150 youth and adults attended the carnival and the walkathon had roughly 40 participants.

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