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Burrr, Ol’ Man Winter Will Blow Through Here This Year

Bundle up, hold onto your hat and hope your shingles are nailed down good, the National Weather Service in Glasgow has forecasted blustery winds followed by chilly temperatures for the last half of this week.
NWS senior forecaster Greg Forrester predicted Monday, Nov. 16, that a change in the weather pattern would bring strong winds and colder temperatures, with a high wind watch issued for all of northeast Montana for Wednesday.
A strong cold front was expected to move through the area Wednesday morning between 4 and 8 a.m. with winds increasing by 30 to 40 mph and gusts to 60 mph by noon.
Rain and snow showers were possible Tuesday night into Wednesday with little or no snow accumulation expected.
Hazardous winds were predicted to cause direct crosswinds on northeast to southwest roads.
Temperatures that had been in the 40s and 50s at the beginning of this week were predicted to fall to the low 40s and 30s by Wednesday and 25 to 35 degrees on Thursday. Overnight lows Wednesday and Thursday are forecasted to be in the teens.
The Glasgow NWS updated the forecast Tuesday, Nov. 17, with a high wind warning for all of northeast Montana Wednesday and Wednesday night due to a strong cold front passing through northeast Montana between 4 and 8 a.m. Wednesday. Winds will increase to 35 to 50 mph with gusts as high as 65 mph by noon.
A chance of rain and snow showers were forecasted for Tuesday night and Wednesday morning with little or no snow accumulation expected.

Election Canvass Changes Poplar Council Results


The Roosevelt County Clerk and Recorder’s election canvass Nov. 12 changed the results of the Poplar City Council election.
Clerk and recorder Cheryl Hansen completed the state-mandated canvass of the Nov. 3 municipal elections. She said vote totals have not changed in any of the communities, but there are eligibility issues with some people.
In Poplar, John Q. Grainger with 15 votes and Derrek Bridges with eight votes appeared to have both been elected to four-year council terms.
Grainger was disqualified because he has not lived in Poplar for a minimum of 60 days, according to Hansen. Bridges does qualify to serve on the council, she said.
Hansen said she sent letters to Bridges and Curry Kirn, who garnered six votes, informing both that they have won election to the council.
Also receiving six votes was Michael Dimas, who Hansen said was disqualified because he does not live within the city limits.
Others receiving votes for the two council positions were: Howard Azure, 5; Dallas O’Connor, 5; Charles Pollock, 5; Ward Dehner, 4; Greg Gourneau, 4; Rick Kirn, 3; Gary Sadler, 3; Billie Norgaard, 2; Frank Smith, 2; Rodney Standen, 2; Krystal Atkinson, 1; Arthur Baker, 1; Donovan Bridges, 1; Keith Erickson, 1; Patricia E. Iron Cloud, 1; Kevin Kennaugh, 1; Robert Macannally, 1; John Morales, 1; Griffin Ricker, 1; Kenneth Trottier Jr., 1; and Marjorie Youpee, 1.
In Wolf Point’s ward 2, which is the south side west from Third Avenue South, Bill Juve was the highest vote-getter with two write-in votes. He had not sought election and said neither of the write-in votes were from himself or his wife. He has not said whether he would serve on the council.
Karen Babcock, Dave Brownlee and Susan D. Johnson each received one write-in vote for the ward 2 seat.
“Who ever gets the most votes gets a letter. If they don’t accept it, the city will probably have to appoint somebody,” Hansen said.
The remainder of the Wolf Point council results were as follows.
In ward 1, incumbent Laurie Evans was reelected to a four-year position unopposed with 24 votes. Plestina, who was appointed to the other ward 1 seat in September, was elected to a two-year position unopposed with three write-in votes.
In ward 3, incumbent Craig Rodenberg was unopposed and reelected to a four-year position with 129 votes.
In ward 4, incumbent Judy Page was unopposed and reelected to a four-year position with 104 votes.
In Bainville, Scott Ross elected to a four-year term unopposed with 22 votes.
In Brockton, Rae Jean Belgarde defeated Rodney Burshia 6-2 for a four-year term, and Gregory J. Brugh Jr., defeated Stacy Stangland 6-1.
In Culbertson, W. Bruce Houle was reelected in ward 1 unopposed with 35 votes and Jaimee Green was elected unopposed from ward 2 with 52 votes.
In Froid, Gregg Labatte and Gale Strandlund were elected to four-year terms with 48 and 47 votes respectively.
Low Turnout
Voter turnouts were low with Froid delivering the highest percentage to polls with 54 percent, the highest of any community in Roosevelt County.
In contrast, the voter turnout in Poplar was 17 percent and 10 percent in Brockton.
Hansen reported a 30 percent voter turnout for Wolf Point, with the highest turnouts on the north side with 44 percent in ward 3 and 40 percent in ward 4. On the south side, 19 percent of ward 1 voters cast mail-in ballots and just 6 percent from ward 2.
The voter turnout was 27 percent in Bainville and 26 percent in Culbertson.

100 Years Ago This Week For Nov. 19, 2015

A quiet wedding took place in our small town of Culbertson 100 years ago and the Nov. 19, 1915 publication of The Searchlight shared the news. The businesses that thrived a century ago were preparing for the Thanksgiving shoppers by listing several local items in the paper. Local items were as follows.
“Thanksgiving Turkeys- large, fine, delicious birds, dressed ready for the oven. See them at the Star Market. They are sweet, wholesome and reasonable in price. Sizes to fit your purse and oven.”
“Fresh fruits and vegetables for your Thanksgiving dinner. Tanner & Best Co.”
“The poles have arrived for farmers telephone lines, Culbertson to Andes, and are now being hauled to their places on the South side. If the weather permits, they will be erected at once.”
“A number of ladies gathered at the lovely home of Mrs. M.J. Dunn on Wednesday afternoon and held a quilting bee. A delicious lunch was served and all enjoyed the occasion.”
“The caterpillar road-making machine belonging to Richland County that was brought into Culbertson recently with the expectation that it would be stored here this winter, so as to be ready for work in the spring on roads leading towards Culbertson, was taken to Sidney, by order of the county commissioners of that county.”
Here is the hundred-year-old article on the wedding.
“Couple Married At Culbertson
“Last Sunday, B. M. Trawicky and Miss Laura Looman slipped off to Culbertson and were quietly married at the Catholic parsonage.
“The news was kept quiet for three or four days, but at last someone suspected that the bashful smile carried by the groom meant something- and the truth was brought out.
“Both of the young people are well-liked here and have a host of friends that congratulated them.
“The bride is a sister to Mrs. Joe Kavon, and has been here for the past couple years.
“The groom is the right hand man at the Fishbeck Garage (Plentywood) and is known as a good, steady, reliable young man.”
Hundred-year-old ads are listed below.
“Harry H. Dale. Attorney and Counselor At Law. Insurance, Loans, Collections. Office- second Floor State Bank of Culbertson.”
“T.W. Collinson M.D. Physician and Surgeon. Culbertson, Montana.”
“Stationery. Neatly and Artistically Printer With Dispatch. Letterheads, Wedding Stationery, Announcements, Business Cards, Calling Cards, Legal Blanks, Statements, Programs. Let US Show You Samples. Searchlight J B Rooms.”

Culbertson Speech And Drama Team Competes In Billings Meet

The Culbertson Speech and Drama team started out the season by traveling to Billings for the Billings/Shepherd Eastern Kick-off meet. Team members competed against 36 other schools and over 580 students from AA, A, B and C schools throughout “eastern” Montana.
When the day was done, the following students had placed: Charlee LeMay, first in pantomime; McKade Mahlen, fifth, impromptu speaking; and Tessa Larsen, ninth, humorous solo.
Other competitors included: Chase Kilzer, Austin Pederson aka “James,” Austin Pedersen, Cassandra Lucas, Gus Spradley, Jacie Peden and Andreas Hoffman.
The drama team placed second in the Class C sweepstakes.
The Speech and Drama team traveled to Sidney Saturday, Nov. 14, where they competed against 16 other A, B and C schools.
When the day was finished, the following students earned sweepstakes points for the team: LeMay, first place in pantomime; Larsen, third, humorous solo; Spradley, fifth, expository; Hoffmann, fifth, impromptu; Kilzer, fifth, original oratory; Pedersen, ninth, memorized public address; and Brady Craig, ninth, serious oral interpretation.
Overall, the speech team placed third and the drama team placed second.
The team will travel to Miles City to compete in the CCDHS invitational the coming weekend.

District Governor Visits Culbertson Lions

Lions Club District 37 Governor Richard Gessling visited the Culbertson Lions Club Thursday Nov. 12.
Gessling, from Red Lodge, told the Culbertson Lions of the new District 37 for all of Montana, which no longer includes Alberta, Canada. He also went over the new dues and budget.
Local Lions Steve Baldwin, Ken Forbregd and Steve Larsen were awarded five-year chevrons for their time in the club. Larsen was only Lion at the meeting to receive his award in person.
Gessling said that clubs in northeast Montana have started to drop members as the district governor’s have not visited northeast Montana and need to get the messages to the clubs.
The Culbertson Lions honored Gessling with a turkey dinner.
The Culbertson Lions will prepare the breakfast for the Dec. 12 park fund, prepare a free stew feed and help Santa with candy on Dec. 21.
The club will award two $500 college scholarships for 2016 and the applications are due by Dec. 1.
The next Lions activity will be the Super Bowl Raffle in January. The winners of the “World Series” were: Lori Canyon, Karla Forbregd and Laura Christoffersen. The $500 profit went to the Roosevelt Medical Center Memorial Foundation.
The club under past president Steve Larsen held its first Punt, Pass and Kick competition, which was a success for the first year and the Lions look forward to next year.
The Culbertson Lions Club invites new members to keep the club strong. Members receive a free dinner at meetings held at the Culbertson Senior Center, the first and third Thursdays of each month at 6:30 p.m.