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Several File For State And Federal Offices

Several people have filed for legislative and federal elected offices.
Candidate filing for members of qualified political parties opened Jan. 9 and closed March 10.
In State House District 31, incumbent Bridget Smith, D-Wolf Point, and Bill Whitehead, D-Wolf Point, have filed.
In house District 33, Floyd Russell Hopstad, D-Glasgow, has filed.
In house District 36, incumbent Austin Knudsen, R-Cul-bertson, and Gene O. Hartsock, D-Glasgow, have filed.
United States Senate candidates who have filed include incumbent John Walsh, D-Helena. Democrats challenging Walsh in the primary are Dirk Adams of Wilsall and John Bohlinger of Helena.
Republicans are Susan Cundiff of Missoula, Steve Daines of Helena; and Champ Edmunds of Missoula.
Eight candidates have filed for the single at-large congressional district. They are Elsie Arntzen, R-Helena; John Driscoll, D-Helena; Mike Fellows, Libertarian-Missoula; John Lewis, D-Helena; Matt Rosendale, R-Glendive; Corey Stapleton, R-Billings; Drew Turiano, R-Helena; and Ryan Zinke, R-Whitefish.
The primary election will be held Tuesday, June 3. The deadline for voter registration is May 5.
The general election will be Tuesday, Nov. 4; voter registration will close Oct. 6.

Information Sought About Bar Burglary, Found Safe

Roosevelt County Sheriff Freedom Crawford is asking anyone with information about the burglary that occurred at the Montana Bar in Culbertson to contact his office.
Someone broke into the business between 2 and 6 a.m., Wednesday, March 19, and stole an undisclosed amount of items.
Crawford said his department continues to look into leads.
“We’re trying to get some video analyzed and enhanced,” he said of images captured by a security camera at another business.
The owner of the Montana Bar is offering $1,000 reward for information that helps solve the burglary.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office at 653-6230. The Sheriff'f Office is also asking for information about a safe with the door missing found in a creek bottom between Bainville and Culbertson.

The Sheriff's Office is also interested in speaking to anyone with information about a safe with the door missing that was found in a creek bottom between Bainville and Culbertson.

Planning Board Considers Landfill, Fracking

The Roosevelt County Planning Board discussed fracking and the proposed landfill in Culbertson while meeting in Poplar Wednesday, March 19.
The planning board has no control over the landfill. However, they had been in discussions with Culbertson Mayor Gordon Oelkers and are concerned that the location is too close to the city’s water supply and the road.
They also discussed the roads that border the Culbertson airport, which involved a housing issue and road access. This will, more than likely, require a public hearing, but it will not be held by the planning board. The town of Culbertson will be responsible for the public hearing and all questions should be directed to the town hall.
Two new casinos are proposed to be built on the Montana side of Montana/North Dakota border. They are two separate casinos, but will be built near a housing development that will provide housing for the employees of the two casinos. The land will be leased and the project must go through a public hearing.

Culbertson BPA Compete At State Competition

Secondary,  postsecondary and students from across the state of Montana attended the 2014 State Leadership Conference for the Montana association of Business Professionals of America in Billings March 9-11.
The 2014 Montana BPA State Leadership Conference was held at the City College Montana State University - Billings, the Holiday Inn Grand Montana and the Billings Hotel and Convention Center. Members from the Culbertson High School chapter and advisors DeAnne Weeks and Tara Nickoloff joined nearly 1,300 students and local chapter advisors who gathered in a spirit of friendship and goodwill  as the Montana association assisted the members to “Serve Locally, Lead Globally” through participation in the area’s competitive events — leadership, community development, and professionalism.
During the three-day event, students demonstrated their knowledge in business and technological skills and abilities in 60 different competitive events from within the four core assessment areas of financial service, administrative support, information technology and marketing/management/human resources.
The top finalists in each event advance to compete at the National Leadership Conference this spring in Indianapolis, Ind., April 30 through May 3.
BPA has more than 51,000 members in over 2,300 chapters in 28 states. BPA is a "co-curricular" organization that supports business and information technology educators by offering curriculum based on national standards. This year, the Montana association has 1675 members and over 90 chapters.

Missoula Children’s Theater Holds Residency At Bainville

CS.3.20.14.MISSOULA.THEATER.COLOR web 0648Missoula Children’s Theater brought a residency week to Bainville School last week, with 53 students performing in “The Secret Garden” Saturday, March 15.
The traveling theater group will provide a one-week residency at Froid School April 7 through 13.
Tanya Henderson, of Arizona, and Stephanie Walsh, of Pennsylvania, brought the production, direction and instruction to the school.
Henderson said between 65 and 70 elementary and high school students auditioned for the 53 parts in “The Secret Garden.”
Two performances were offered to give as many people as possible an opportunity to see it.
Henderson said the purpose of the Missoula Children’s Theater is not only to give a great performance, but also to teach life skills through theater.
Henderson has traveled throughout the United States for Missoula Children’s Theater, putting on one-week workshops in many small communities.
“For me, it’s been amazing to see all parts of the country,” she said.
“There are about 40 different teams on tour right now,” Henderson said.
The teams tour throughout the United States and on U.S. military installations worldwide.
In addition to the 53 students who were cast in “The Secret Garden,” Henderson and Walsh worked with all
Bainville elementary students. While workshops were not held at the high school level, several high school students were cast in the play.
“We pretty much worked with all of the kids here in Bainville,” Henderson said.
In existence 44 years, the Missoula Children’s Theater began casting children in its productions during the early 1970s. A dilemma of whether to travel from Missoula to Miles City with seven children led to a decision to cast children from Miles City. Four-hundred-fifty children auditioned, opening the door to the current worldwide program of offering one-week residencies at schools.
The Missoula Children’s Theater takes the approach that the performing arts are an extra-curricular activity that runs a distant second to sports. The Montana-based theater group remains dedicated to providing top-quality entertainment experiences for audience members while bringing financially accessible arts experiences to all communities of all sizes and economic statuses.