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Farmers Market Comes To Culbertson After Hiatus

Gourmet dog biscuits, fresh leafy spinach and homemade jellies and jams are just a few of the items you can pick up Monday nights in Culbertson at the Farmer’s Market. Those who try to avoid cooking when it’s hot will be pleasantly surprised to see slush-burger plates are available. Attendees can even make a charitable donation to a number of local causes.

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Old-fashioned Carnival, Fireworks And Walk-A-Thon Planned

Good eats, sweet treats, fun and fireworks too? It sounds like a carnival day is coming to Culbertson. For those who enjoy getting out for a walk, there’s something for you too.
The Women’s Club of Culbertson is planning an old-fashioned carnival day and pledge-sponsored walk-a-thon to continue their fundraising efforts for the pool’s bath house and splash pad.
The event is slated to take place at the Culbertson High School football field Saturday, Aug. 27, from 4 to 8 p.m., beginning with the walk-a-thon. Once participants are finished walking, they are encouraged to head to the park just east of the field to enjoy about a dozen old-fashioned carnival style games, clowns and treats. The evening will end with a fireworks display sponsored by Green’s Screamin’ Eagle Fireworks.
The event was planned in conjunction with the beginning of the school year in an effort to get participation from schools including, Froid, Bainville, Culbertson, Lambert and Brockton. Students will have the first week of school to get pledges for participating in the walk-

a-thon that will be donated to the women’s club, a non-profit organization trying to improve the condition of the pool in Cul-
“We wanted to get the kids involved and give them an opportunity to have some ownership in what we as a community are trying to accomplish,” said Ashley Anderson, club president.
“We thought this would be one way to get them excited,” she added.
Attendees will able to purchase tickets to participate in the games. Hot dogs, shaved ice, cotton candy, snow cones, mini donuts and other treats will also be available.
Women’s club members plan to offer prizes to students and classes that are able to receive the most pledges.
The club hosts several fundraisers a year and has set a goal of raising $10,000 at this event.
For more information or to make a donation, contact Anderson at 787-5820, or Shirley Gallegos, at 787-5271.

Commissioners Grant Raises To All Elected Officials

The Roosevelt County Commissioners granted pay raises to themselves, other elected officials, the county attorney and deputy county attorney at their regular weekly business meeting Tuesday, Aug. 2.

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Bethel Community Church Receives New Minister

For the past three weeks, Bethel Community Church has had new tenants living in their parsonage following the recent addition of Pastor Brandon Marschner and his family to the church.

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Roosevelt County Fair Set For August 11-13

These days, youth are busy fattening up their animals, gathering tack in the trailer and getting their animals ready for show. Whether they have a horse, pig, steer or smaller variety of critter, they all have one thing in common — they’ll all soon be loading them up and taking them to the annual Roosevelt County Fair in Culbertson.

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