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Fort Kipp Celebration

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The Fort Kipp Celebration, a Pow Wow that is a celebration of native culture and traditions through dancing and fellowship, was held Thursday, Aug. 21 through Sunday, Aug. 24.   (Photos by John Plestina)

Commissioners OK Stipend For Themselves, Other Elected Officials -- Second Pay Raise Approved In Five Weeks For County Elected Officials

The Roosevelt County Commissioners voted unanimously to adopt a resolution, Wednesday, Aug. 20, that gives themselves and other elected officials the $300 monthly stipend they recently approved for all permanent non-elected county employees.
It amounts to the second pay raise for elected officials in five weeks.
The commissioners approved a resolution, Tuesday, July 15, that increased annual salaries for themselves and all county department heads. With a $1,500 raise, each commissioners now receives $51,000 before the stipend, which amounts to $3,600.
When the commissioners approved the stipend for permanent non-elected employees, Tuesday, July 22, they excluded elected officials following a complaint by Wolf Point resident Bill Juve, who said roads need repair.
The stipends are above and beyond salaries and were intended as an incentive for employees to remain on the job.
The county has had difficulty retaining sheriff’s deputies and employees of other departments, especially on the east end of the county where the cost of housing is high.
“What does retaining employees have to do with elected officials?” Juve asked the commissioners Wednesday, Aug. 20.
Juve said July 22 that if the commissioners and other elected officials receive the stipends, the county’s compensation board should approve the stipends before the commissioners vote on them.
The compensation board has since met and recommended approval.
Eight of 10 compensation board members are elected officials. Two members of the public are on the board. While there could be as many as four citizen members, there were no responses when the county recently advertised members.
All three county commissioners, Gary Macdonald, Duane Nygaard and Jim Shanks, serve on the compensation board. The other elected officials who serve on the board are: Freedom Crawford, sheriff; Cheryl Hansen, clerk and recorder; Tracy Harada, justice of the peace; Jim Patch, county attorney; and Betty Romo, treasurer. The two citizen members are: Zane Panasuk of Culbertson and Dave Wemmer of Wolf Point.
Juve said the overwhelming majority of the members of the compensation board are elected officials and that they are giving themselves raises.
The stipends are tied to oil industry severance revenue the county receives quarterly. If the county’s revenue from the oil severance tax drops below an average of $400,000 per quarter, the stipend will cease.

Federal Grand Jury Indicts Brockton School Trustee On Child Sexual Abuse Charges

A federal grand jury indicted Brockton School Board member Wayne Delvin Littlecrow, who is also known as Wayne Todd, earlier this month, on three charges alleging sexual acts with a child younger than age 12.
Littlecrow, 49, was arrested on a federal warrant Thursday, Aug. 7, and was reported to have been jailed in Great Falls.
He appeared for arraignment before federal Magistrate Judge Robert Holter, Friday, Aug. 8.
A three-count federal indictment charged him with aggravated sexual abuse, abusive sexual contact and sexual abuse of a minor.
According to two of the charges listed in the charging documents, multiple incidents occurred in Brockton between 2009 and 2011. A third count alleges that Littlecrow engaged in a sexual act with a minor between the ages of 12 and 16.
The current age and sex of the alleged victim were not made public.
Littlecrow could face a maximum of life in prison and a $250,000 fine.
His name is listed as Littlecrow on the charging documents and Little Crow on the Brockton School District website that lists him as a current school trustee.

Three Of 14 New MHP Troopers Assigned To Roosevelt County


Pictured fromm left to right: Adams, Schuler and Timmins.

The Montana Highway Patrol commissioned 14 new troopers, Friday, Aug. 22, at the 57th Advanced Academy Graduation ceremony. Three will work in Roosevelt County.
Members of the 57th academy class included Seth Adams and Stephannie-Colleen Timmins, both assigned to Wolf Point, and Derek Schuler, assigned to Culbertson.
Adams is from Bozeman. He was awarded the camp commander award and for physical fitness at the academy.
Timmins is also from Bozeman.
Schuler, from Apple Valley, Calif.
Gov. Steve Bullock addressed the graduates, which took place at the Great Northern Hotel in Helena.
Attorney General Tim Fox said, “Now more than ever, we’re reminded that law enforcement is an inherently dangerous profession. These men and women will place themselves in harm’s way on a daily basis as part of the routine duties of their profession. I thank them for their sacrifice and commitment to serving all Montanans and keeping our roadways safe.”
Other members of the 57th academy class included: Trever Chase, assigned to Hardin, from Helena; Joshua French, assigned to Hardin, from Harrisburg, Pa.; Ryan Janes, assigned to Superior, from Florence; Lewis Johnson, assigned to Broadus, from Chester; Benjamin Kecskes, assigned to Glendive, from Helena; Kristy Kees, assigned to Glendive, from Missoula; Thomas Manz, assigned to Kalispell, from Seattle, Wash.; David Morris, assigned to Billings, from Bozeman; Joshua Nanna, assigned to Kalispell, from Whitefish; Alicia Williams, assigned to Kalispell, from Great Falls; and Michael Williams, assigned to Ryegate, is from Baileys Harbor, Wis.

Commissioners Change Meeting, Formalize Jail Bond For Ballot

The Roosevelt County Commissioners voted, Tuesday, Aug. 28, to change their weekly meeting time from 1 p.m. to 11 a.m., but the meeting day will continue to be Tuesdays.
The commissioners also approved a resolution formally placing the jail bond question on the November ballot. The commissioners approved moving forward with the measure earlier this month.
The jail bond questioned passed with a majority in June, but failed because not enough registered voters cast ballots.