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Montana Cowboy Hall Of Fame Announces 2014 Inductions

The Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center announced the seventh class of inductions into the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame, June 7. The inductees were chosen from a field of candidates nominated by the general public. Inductees are honored for their notable contributions to the history and culture of Montana.
“Our Hall of Fame voting process is organized around our volunteer trustees across the state and the election process gives the local community volunteers a direct voice in who from their area is being inducted,” said Christy Stensland, executive director of the MCHF. “Many assume that to be inducted into the Hall of Fame you would have to be a famous cowboy when, in fact, the Hall of Fame exists to honor those who have made an impact in their local community and serve as a symbol of this way of life for future generations. This is truly a celebration of our authentic Montana heritage and those who pass it forward.”
The MCHF board of directors has designated 12 trustee districts across the state from which up to 20 trustees may be appointed. Nomination criteria established by the board for the Class of 2014 inductions allowed the election of up to one Living Inductee and two Legacy Inductees from each of the 12 districts. In the case of a tie, winning nominees are jointly inducted.
The 2014 inductees into the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame are:
District 1 (Daniels, Phillips, Roosevelt/Sheridan/Valley counties): Living Award – John Russell Cloud, Wolf Point/Great Falls. Legacy Award – Don H. Lee, Dodson and Edmund N. “Neil” Taylor, Scobey.
District 2 (Dawson/Garfield/ McCone/Prairie/Richland/Wibaux counties): Living Award – Donald Glen Weeding, Jordan. Legacy Award – Patrick Thomas “Spud” Cremer, Jordan/Big Timber and Berney Kempton, Terry.
District 3 (Carter/Custer/ Fallon/Powder River/Rosebud/Treasure counties): Living Award – Mary Margaret (MacKay) Ketchum, Plevna. Legacy Award – Odis Oren Harkins, Ekalaka and John Henry “Johnnie” Gilman, Miles City.
District 4 (Blaine/Chouteau/Hill/Liberty counties): Living Award – Loren Jenkins, Big Sandy. Legacy Award – Warrick Rodeo, Warrick and Roger Henry St. Pierre Sr., Box Elder (tie) and Fred Charles Henderson, Warrick (tie).
District 5 (Cascade/Glacier/Pondera/Teton/Toole counties): Living Award – (three-way tie) Chief Earl Old Person, Browning, Gary J. (Lone Bull) Schildt, East Glacier, and Truman “Mouse” Hall, Valier. Legacy Award – Ira E. Perkins, Bynum and Lyall Sturgeon Crary, M.D., D.D.S., Choteau.
District 6 (Fergus/Golden Valley/Judith Basin/Musselshell/Petroleum/Wheatland counties): Living Award – William W. “Bill” Lewis, Grass Range. Legacy Award – Peter “Pete” Vann, Geyser and Hazel Hash Warp, Harlowton.
District 7 (Big Horn/Carbon/Stillwater/Sweet Grass/ Yellowstone counties): Living Award – Lonnie Bell, Billings. Legacy Award – William C. “Bill” Huntington, Billings and John W. Moreland Jr., Big Timber.
District 8 (Broadwater/Jef-
ferson/Lewis and Clark coun-
ties): Living Award – Charles Robert “Bob” Masolo, Town-send. Legacy Award – Helena Trail Riders, Helena and Keith William Herrin, Helena.
District 9 (Gallatin/Park/ Meagher counties): Living Award – Arlene Haugland, Belgrade. Legacy Award – Raymond Andrew Kanne-gard, Wilsall.
District 10 (Flathead/ Lake/Lincoln/Sanders counties): Living Award – Charles E. “Charley” Lyons, St. Ignatius. Legacy Award – William “Ed” Schall, Arlee.
District 11 (Mineral/Missoula/Ravalli counties): Living Award – Dewaine Carlsen, Florence. Legacy Award – Hartley Lee Lambert, Stevensville and Oral Harris Zumwalt, Missoula.
District 12 (Deer Lodge/Beaverhead/Silver Bow/ Granite/Madison/Powell counties): Living Award – Jay Frederick Nelson, Jackson. Legacy Award – Jack and Ann Hirschy, Wisdom and Hubert Latimer “Tex” Smith, Dillon.
Since the initial round of inductions to the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2008, including this year’s inductions, 201 inductees have been honored. Full biographies for past inductees are available on the MCHF and WHC’s website, http://www.montanacowboyfame.org.
For more information about the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center, or for more details on the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame inductees, contact Christy Stensland at 653-3800, by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visiting http://www.montanacowboyfame.org.

CHS Announces Honor Roll

Culbertson School has announced the spring semester honor roll for grades 7 through 12.
Principal’s Honor Roll (4.0 - 3.5 GPA)
Seniors: Renee Oelkers, Courtney Sorteberg, Erica Nickoloff, Colton Zahn, Taylor Primeau.
Juniors: Hannah Bawden, Dominica Granada, Samantha Fellman, Emily Nielsen, Averi Horak, Anthony Williams, Deryk Ogier, Angela Benson, Garrett Reid.
Sophomores: McKade Mah-
len, Ethan Hendrickson, Cam-
eron Lambert, Renee’ Granada, Eric Hendrickson, Adam Buxbaum, Alexi Bidegaray.
Freshmen: Joseph Bawden, Macy Kirkaldie, Jaycee Lambert, Sierra Machart, Emma Pederson, Parker LaQua.
Eighth grade: Abigail Ator, Jacob Martin, Mackenzie Blair, Aaliyah Moon.
Seventh grade: Kaitlyn Furukawa, Lauren Lambert, Lucas Oelkers.
Honorable Mention
Honor Roll (3.49 - 3.0 GPA)
Seniors: Ella Crowder, Samantha Fell, Grace Cooper, David Manning, Alexus Olson, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Shayne Cochran.
Juniors: Sheridan Martin, Tristan Sun Rhodes, Hannah-Marie Boyd-Weinberger, Alleah Gourneau.
Sophomores: Ashton Handy, Wyatt Shelton, Jace Qualley.
Freshmen: Tessa Larsen, Logan Nickoloff, Chase Kilzer, Thane Longtree, Brayden Olson, Charlee LeMay, Jonathon Hilde.
Eighth grade: Christian Boyd.
Seventh grade: Tia’ya Arneson, Carter Nickoloff, Gus Spradley, Tristan Labatte.

Froid School Announces Year-End Honor Roll

Froid School has announced the year-end honor roll for students in grades 7-12.
Fourth Quarter
Seniors: Layne Johnson, 3.6 GPA; Andy Engelke, 3.33; Kassandra Smith, 3.25; Raymond Smith, 3.18; Dallas Reiland, 3.0.
Juniors: Jordan Smith, 3.92; Tessa Slater, 3.85; Jeannie Schneider, 3.67; Emmitt Reiland, 3.65.
Sophomores: Bailey Christoffersen, 4.0; Destiny Long, 3.71; Michael Bylander, 3.46.
Freshmen: Veronica Orcutt, 3.42; Paige Robertson, 3.38; Chantelle Strandlund, 3.29; Anistyn Young, 3.14.
Eighth grade: Morgan Mason, 3.75; Karrington Kjos, 3.71; Nicholas Eylander, 3.5; Connor Cameron, 3.18.
Seventh grade: Hunter Krogedal, 4.0; Lexie Kintyhtt, 3.43; Nicholas Strandlund, 3.0.
Second Semester
Seniors: Layne Johnson, 3.75; Dallas Reiland, 3.44; Raymond Smith, 3.43; Andy Engelke, 3.33; Tanner Holtan, 3.2; Alicia Mason, 3.0.
Juniors: Jordan Smith, 3.92; Tessa Slater, 3.8; Jeannie Schneider, 3.67; Emmitt Reiland, 3.4.
Sophomores: Bailey Christoffersen, 3.88; Destiny Long, 3.64; Michael Bylander, 3.29.
Freshmen: Paige Robertson, 3.58; Chantelle Strandlund, 3.29; Anistyn Young, 3.11; Veronica Orcutt, 3.08.
Eighth grade: Karrington Kjos, 3.63; Morgan Mason, 3.42; Nicholas Eylander, 3.0.
Seventh grade: Hunter Krogedal, 4.0; Lexie Kintyhtt, 3.33; Nicholas Strandlund, 3.04.

Mobile Veterinary Hospital Offers Spay And Neuter Services In Culbertson


Dr. Amy Lamb and veterinarian students from Colorado State University perform spays and neuters at the American Legion hall in Culbertson.   (Photo by Nancy Mahan)


With the close guidance of licensed veterinarians, eight veterinarian students from Colorado State University helped performed over 200 spay or neuters for dogs and cats in the eastern Roosevelt County area Friday, June 6.  
Dr. Amy Lamb is a licensed veterinarian from Billings who owns “Vet To Go” and is one of the instructors for the Northeast Montana/Fort Peck Tribal M.A.S.H. Unit, (Making Animals Safe and Healthy), that comes to Roosevelt County the first week of June. The other licensed veterinarian is Dr. Jill Weich from Fort Collins, Colo.  
The two licensed vets oversee all surgeries performed by the student techs, ranging from a first year training vet tech, one-second year student, five-third year students and three-fourth year students. They start in Fort Peck, then head to other areas helping spay and neuter animals, treat round worms, repair teeth, do surgeries, flea and tick prevention, physicals and shots.  The spay and neuter is free to the public and the cost for a distemper vaccination is five dollars. As of June 6, they had performed over 200 spay and neuters.
This is their second year coming to Culbertson and their eighth year bringing their services to eastern Montana. The American Legion let them use their facilities for the portable MASH unit this year.
For more information you can contact Lamb at Vet to Go, 860-2196.

Well Water Sampling Offered To Determine If Fracking Damage Occurs

With concerns about potential impacts to well water in Roosevelt County from hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” and other oil industry activity, the Roosevelt County Conservation District is offering a well sampling program.
Fracking is the process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at high pressure to fracture shale rocks. The practice has been increasing in the Bakken formation in eastern Montana and North Dakota.
The RCCD in Culbertson through the Natural Resources Conservation Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture is offering a baseline well water sampling program to determine if current water quality is potable or usable and to identify wells where there might be a presence of oil and gas development impacts.
“The purpose of this is with all this oil activity and of course you hear about the fracking, and the fracking might hurt wells, so we want some baseline data on the wells,” NRCS district conservationist Rob Brae said.
He said landowners in the Wolf Point area should consider the program.
“There hasn’t been as much oil activity in the Wolf Point area yet, but if the oil activity moves west in the county, it would be nice to have this baseline data before the oil activity got started,” Brae said.
The cost to property owners is $35 per well and there will be a limited number of wells tested. The deadline sign-up is July 1. Sampling will be done at a later date.
For more information, contact the RCCD in Culbertson at 787-5232.