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School Board Approves Madora Trip

The Culbertson School Board met in regular session on April 16. Highlights were the request by Student Council members to take a field trip May 20 for the seventh through 11th grades to Medora, N.D., to discover the history behind the city. All total, 90 students will spend the day in Medora with a cost of around $1,000. The board approved the field trip and will pick up the $1000 tab.
The Science Olympiad students brought home a first place trophy for their efforts with advisor Stacy Herson. Wanting a show- and-tell day set up for all the school clubs to display their winning hardware, medals and certificates.  The board agreed to pick a day and open the lunchroom to the public so they can show off their hard work and awards.
The board accepted a stipend increase for the FFA advisor from $4,000 to $5,000.
Also approved were the minutes from the last board meeting, the 2013-14 audit report, the 2015-16 teacher assignments, with new hires Jennesy Taberna as part-time music teacher and Hayley Swain, the new Spanish teacher.
Coaching positions were also approved. Cody Steppler will be the boys basketball head coach, Tiffany Marchwick will be the cheerleaders coach, Jeri Gustafson will continue her position as Speech and Drama head coach and the school will advertise for a girls’ head basketball coach.
Chris Dunphy was hired for one of the regular evening janitorial openings  and Jacob Crowder was hired for the summer janitorial position.
Other business approved were the MHSA activities, the contract with
Interquest Canine Detection Services for the 2015-16 school year, the football cooperative with Bainville for three more years and the technology budget.
The board approved the class schedule for the 2015-16 school year.
A closed executive session was held with district clerk Lora Finnicum to conduct her evaluation. The board approving a contract renewal for her in open session.
The next board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 19, at 6:30 p.m.

Several Appear In District Court 4.23.15

District Judge David Cybulski heard several cases during Law and Motion proceeding in 15th District Court Wednesday, April 15.
Joel Campos
Joel Campos, 37, of Las Cruces, N.M., was sentenced to five years in the custody of the Montana Department of Corrections with two years suspended, credit for 403 days served in the Roosevelt County Jail and screening for inpatient treatment followed by possible prerelease center during the two years of incarceration.
He withdrew previously entered not guilty pleas and pleaded guilty to felony possession of dangerous drugs on Feb. 11. At that time, he admitted to felony possession of dangerous drugs in Roosevelt County on Dec. 27, 2013.
Campos said in court last week that he would like to go to substance abuse treatment. He also said it is easier to get a good job if he is on probation and not on parole.
He said he has four children and three live in Idaho. He asked the court if he could be sent to Idaho under an interstate compact.
Robert Lindquist
Robert Lindquist, 41, of Chattoroy, Wash., was sentenced to five years in the custody of the Montana Department of Corrections with three years suspended, and substance abuse treatment and prerelease.
During a preceding in February, Lindquist withdrew previously entered not guilty pleas and pleaded guilty to felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs. At that time, he admitted in court to possession of methamphetamine in Roosevelt County in November 2014.
He was originally charged with criminal possession of dangerous drugs, criminal possession of drug paraphernalia and driving under the influence.
During December 2014, Lindquist was sentenced for the DUI to six months in jail with 60 days suspended, credit for 65 days previously served in the Roosevelt County Jail and a $5,000 fine with $4,000 suspended.
Lindquist was arrested with Jennifer Lea Johnshoy, 29, of Crookston, Minn. and Williston, N.D., Nov. 1 following a traffic stop in Wolf Point by the Montana Highway Patrol. The Wolf Point Police Department assisted.
Johnshoy pleaded not guilty to two felony counts of criminal possession of dangerous drugs, misdemeanor criminal possession of dangerous drugs and a misdemeanor charge of criminal possession of drug paraphernalia. She is free on bond and has not yet gone to trial.
Dakota Kinzie
Dakota Kinzie, 23, of Wolf Point withdrew a previously entered not guilty plea to attempted assault of a peace officer and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct and not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of attempted assault under a deferred prosecution that is contained in a plea agreement.
Cybulski sentenced Kinzie to 10 days in jail and a $100 fine, both suspended.
According to charging documents, Roosevelt County Sheriff Jason Frederick and Chief Deputy Corey Reum arrested Kinzie in the courthouse lobby Nov. 11 after a county employee told Reum that Kinzie placed a bat inside the clerk and recorder’s office and said he would wait for Justice Court Judge Tracy Harada. Kinzie then sat in the lobby.
Kinzie has been free on own recognizance release since December 2014.
Robert Yohe
Robert Yohe, 64, of Bainville appeared to an extradition hearing on a fugitive complaint out of Williams County N.D., for failure to appear.
He signed a waiver of extradition in court.
Yohe is lodged in the Roosevelt County Jail.
North Dakota authorities have two weeks from April 15 to pick up Yohe or he will be released from jail.

Roosevelt County Jail Roster For April 23, 2015

(Editor’s Note: The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office distributes an inmate roster each week with charges and communities of residence to The Herald-News and The Searchlight to help keep the public informed and to illustrate that the jail has been dealing with overcrowding issues in the 17-bed facility.)
As of Monday, April 20, 10 inmates were housed in the Roosevelt County Jail. Fort Benton Detention Center was holding one male to alleviate overcrowding.
The RCSO reported that the following individuals were incarcerated at the jail between Tuesday, April 14, and Monday, April 20:
•Joel Campos, 37, Las Cruces, N.M., felony possession of dangerous drugs;
•Jason Daugherty, 37, Wolf Point, criminal possession of dangerous drugs [two counts], criminal possession of drug paraphernalia, attempted assault on a peace officer or judicial officer, and resisting arrest;
•Donald Fowler, 52, Wolf Point, criminal possession of dangerous drugs, bonded out;
•Joseph Hawkins, 20, Ronan, speeding, driving under the influence, criminal possession of drugs, criminal possession of drug paraphernalia, bonded out;
•Joseph Laturell, 52, Bainville, partner/family member assault, sexual intercourse without consent and aggravated kidnapping;
•Robert Lindquist, 41, Chattoroy, Wash., criminal possession of dangerous drugs, criminal possession of drug paraphernalia and driving under the influence;
•John Mincey, 47, Poplar, theft, first offense;  
•Timothy Oglesby, 31, Wolf Point, sexual intercourse without consent and incest, awaiting sentencing;
•Micah Pew, 30, Wolf Point, probation violation, hold for 72 hours;   
•Nicholas Rios, 35, Wolf Point, hold for U.S. Marshals, federal probation violation;  
•Wesley Stearns, 42, Havre, contempt of court;
•Carroll Wells, 34, Fairview, felony theft and burglary.

Blankets For Wounded Warriors


Culbertson Christian youth groups met at Bethel Community Church and made six blankets that will be sent to “The Wounded Warrior’s Project.” Pictured are (front row, from left to right) Carter Nickoloff, Lance Bengochea, Logan Nickoloff, Sierra Machart, Abby Ator, (back row) Peyton Hauge, Brian Pederson, Lucas Oelkers, Noah Nickoloff, Jacob Crowder, Parker LaQua, Mariah Machart and Paxton LaQua.   (Photo by Nancy Mahar)

Efforts By Woman In Hawaii Locate Photos Of Roosevelt County Vietnam War Casualties



The photos [in order] are Chopper, Picard, Styer and Naasz.

Janna Hoehn is on a mission and the efforts by the Maui, Hawaii, resident to locate photos of two of the four Vietnam War casualties from Roosevelt County were fulfilled last week.
Hoehn, a 25-year resident of Hawaii, visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., with her husband six years ago planning to bring home a rubbing of one of the 58,300 names etched on the memorial wall. She did not know anyone who was killed in Vietnam, but the war and its losses touched her as she was in high school at the time, far from Vietnam. She brought home a rubbing of the name Gregory John Crossman, an MIA. She eventually located a college photo of Crossman.
A television news story two years later about “Faces Never Forgotten” for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund that has posted an online memorial with a goal of including a photo of every American listed on the memorial wall caught Hoehn’s attention. She submitted the photo of Crossman. She was asked to locate the photos of more U.S. soldiers listed on the memorial.
Hoehn contacted The Herald-News in early April inquiring about two of the four Vietnam War casualties from Roosevelt County.
She asked if this newspaper could locate photos of Pvt. 1st Class Franklin Delano Chopper of Brockton. American Legion Post No. 61 was named in his honor. The other is Sgt. Michael W. Picard of Bainville. They were the first and second local casualties respectively.
Hoehn had already located photos of the third and fourth casualties, Army 1st Lt. Emil John Naasz of Wolf Point and Air Force Lt. Col. Michael Edward Styer of Phoenix Ariz., who was born in Wolf Point and graduated from Wolf Point High School.
The deaths of all four were on the front page of The Herald-News within one week of their deaths.
Chopper died at 22, at or near Binh Duong, Vietnam on June 13, 1967.
The Herald-News reported the following week that he was killed by accidental friendly fire from a U.S. Army tank while searching an enemy bunker.
Chopper, who was born in Poplar and lived in the Brockton area most of his life, enlisted in October 1966, was home on leave in March 1967 and was sent to Vietnam following his leave, assigned to Co. A, 4th Battalion, 23rd Infantry Division.
His funeral with full military rites was held at Fort Kipp Presbyterian Church. He was buried in Fort Kipp Cemetery. He would be 70 years old today.
Chopper has siblings living in Fort Kipp, but efforts were unsuccessful to contact them.
Picard, who grew up on a grain and stock farm 11 miles north of Bainville, became the second casualty from Roosevelt County on Feb. 20, 1968, when the 22-year-old was killed by fragments from an enemy mine in or near Lai Khe, Binh Duong province, Vietnam.
Picard attended Assumption Abbey, a Catholic school in Richardton, N.D., his first two years of high school. He then attended Bainville High School his final two years, graduating in 1963.
Picard served in light weapons infantry with 1st Infantry Division, 2nd Battalion, 18th Infantry, C Company.
He received the National Defense Service Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge, Purple Heart, Vietnam Campaign Medal and the Vietnam Service Medal.
Picard, who would now be 70 years old, was one of the older of seven children and a role model to his brother, Joe Picard, who is 10 years younger.
“I remember I was in the sixth grade,” Joe Picard said. “He was killed five days before his birthday [would have been 23].”
“I had two brother that were over there,” Joe Picard said.
The other brother who served in Vietnam is Paul Picard of Arizona. He enlisted in the Marine Corps shortly before his brother was killed.
“He was in boot camp when Mike was killed. We wondered if he was going to get home for the funeral. He did,” Joe Picard said.
Before entering the military, Michael Picard played football at Eastern Montana College, now Montana State University Billings.
His mother, Patricia Picard, 92, lives in Arizona.
Picard is buried in Bainville.
Styer was the third casualty with ties to Roose-velt County. He died at age 40, on Jan. 12, 1970, in a collision between two planes on the ground at an airfield in Guam while leaving on a mission.
Styer, who served from 1951 until his death, had been an Air Force aviator and was a former base commander.
He is buried in St. Francis Cemetery in Phoenix, Ariz.
Naasz was the fourth fatality, killed by an explosive device on Sept. 6, 1970, at Quang Ngai, Vietnam.
He served in the Army from 1968 until his death and was a unit commander in the 1542 Infantry.
He was a Wolf Point High School graduate. Naasz is buried in Wolf Point.
Photos of Naasz and Styer are on the “Wall of Faces” online memorial with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. The photos of Chopper and Picard will be added to the memorial.
The Herald-News contacted Franklin D. Chopper American Legion Post No. 61 in Brockton and Picard’s brother in Bainville and obtained photos.
Both have been forwarded to Hoehn for inclusion on the memorial.
Photos on the online memorial will also be included in the future Education Center that will be adjacent to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C.
Hoehn said about 39,500 photos have been obtained but nearly 19,000 are yet to be found.
She is also seeking volunteers to help with the effort
Hoehn can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Information about efforts to build the Education Center at the memorial in Washington, D.C., is available at www.vvmf.org/thewall.