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Commissioners Approve Extension Of Comments On Dam Test Release

The Roosevelt County Commissioners held their regular scheduled meeting Tuesday, March 5. Commissioners Gary Macdonald, Duane Nygaard and Gordon Oelkers were in attendance.
Interstate Engineering’s John Bach spoke during the public comment period, expressing his support the county’s continued participation in the Community Development Block Grant Program. The commissioners unanimously approved continuing with the program.
Minutes were approved for the Feb. 26 regular meeting, as were minutes for the month of February.
The commissioners approved a road department request for the purchase of a fork attachment for the county’s lifter. Macdonald said that the equipment being utilized currently isn’t adequate for use in rough weather.
An extension of the public comment period for an Army Corps of Engineers’ Environmental Impact Statement regarding test flow releases planned at the Fort Peck Dam was approved by the commissioners.
According to the USACE website, “Public comments are invited to assist in identifying the scope of potentially affected environmental, social, and economic issues relevant to the proposed Federal action and determining reasonable alternatives to be considered in the EIS.”
Oelkers indicated his feelings that Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ priorities are being placed above the needs of area residents and agricultural producers.
“Municipalities and agriculture need to speak up and express their concerns,” said Oelkers.
The deadline for public comment on the study was extended from March 11 to May 10.
Annual pay raises were approved for sheriff’s office employee Mary Simons and detention center employee Gerald Jackson.
A letter of support was approved regarding a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act grant for Wolf Point Job Service. The grant program allows the federal government to provide significant funding to states for workforce system programs.
The commissioners approved a resolution requesting distribution of Bridge and Road Safety Program funds. The commissioners will use funds from the new gas tax to help pay for a bridge replacement project. The bridge, located south of Bainville, will be replaced with a culvert.
Funds collected over the past two years amount to approximately $120,000. The total cost of the project is estimated at $170,000, with the balance of $50,000 to be paid by the County.
If approved, the project will require permissions from Burlington Northern Santa Fe.