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Froid Residents Meet To Talk Neighborhood Watch

Froid trio Suzy and Mark Russell and Misty Williams hosted public talks about the formation of a neighborhood watch program for the Froid area Jan. 29 at the Froid Community Center on the north end of town. It was a very cold night, with temperatures clocking in at -9 degrees, but that didn’t stop Williams and the Russells and from welcoming a hardy group of locals, 26 in all, as well as Roosevelt County Attorney Austin Knudsen (pictured above), Town of Froid Prosecuting Attorney Laura Christoffersen and Deputy Ryan Vankerhove from the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Department.
The general discussion was led by Williams and the Russells, each speaking in turn. The meeting included a neighborhood watch overview and then opened up to a question and answer period, with the assembled legal and law enforcement representatives speaking directly to community members.
The discussions became wide-ranging, but seemed to serve as an impromptu civics course for residents interested in the details of enforcement procedures and homeowners rights.
“We were so pleased with the level of engagement from our attendees,” said Suzy Russell. “They were very participatory and that is exactly what we wanted. We did get off on a few rabbit trails here and there.”
The meeting ran well into the evening. Despite the cold weather and the late hour, the assembled were in no hurry to call it a night.
“Folks hung around — even though we went so late — they still hung around and many with smiles and laughs, “said Russell. “The atmosphere was light-hearted, positive, healthy. It was great to see.”
The next steps are more community involvement and planning for an info-sharing website.
Russell said, “We are planning on creating a website that we hope will be a repository of information, whether it’s resources for contacting the Justice of the Peace, or a finding resources for family members struggling with a drug addicted family member, or viewing local news from the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office.”
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