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Culbertson School Board Meets, Fills Positions Prior to School Year Beginning

The Culbertson School board met Tuesday, July 17. At this meeting, policies 2-03-131 Certified Staff Compensated Absence Leave Extra-Curricular Stipends, 1-04-131 Tobacco Free, 1-04-140 Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Use and 2-03-119 Tobacco Free Environment were approved.
Following interviews with Culbertson School superintendent Larry Crowder, Joseph Kerney was hired as the sixth-grade teacher and Kelsey Kerney was hired as the second-grade teacher, pending successful background checks.
Jennifer Lambert was hired as the K-12 art teacher.
Rhonda Seitz was hired as the assistant high school volleyball coach, with Karli Larsen being hired to fill the junior high volleyball coaching position. Dave Helmer was hired as the head junior high football coach and Ron Shanks was hired as the assistant junior high football coach.
A motion carried that would approve a travel reimbursement of $200 for teaching candidates who travel more than some 200 miles to visit Culbertson for interviews.
The breakfast prices for the 2018-19 fiscal school year are: reduced $.30, K-12 $1, adults $1.75. The lunch prices are: reduced $.40, K-6 $1.25, 7-12 $1.50, adult $2.
The recommended handbook changes regarding absence from school on the day of an activity or event and service animals were approved. The service animal portion of the handbook was noted to have been derived from the MtSBA recommended policy language.
The 2019 graduation date was approved for Saturday, May 18.
The 2018-19 school year’s professional growth allocation of $5,000 was approved.
The Culbertson Booster Club’s donation of $5,000 towards athletic equipment was approved. It was noted that the Booster Club has donated $14,900 over the past several years.
The 2017 seniors student activity account was closed with a balance of $0.
Froid Public School’s request to have their buses enter the Culbertson district to pick up students was approved.
Past due breakfast and lunch accounts were presented. The board decided to have bills sent and have the accounts be monitored.
A special board meeting was held on Thursday, July 26, and bus routes for the 2018-19 school year were approved as Kirn and Bighorn stops on Finnicum Route #5 and Birch Route #3 at 56.4 miles per day.
The following bus contracts were renewed: Iverson Route #1, L. Hekkel Route #2, Birch Route #3, Finnicum Route #4 and #5 and C. Hekkel Route #6 with three percent increases annually.
Tiffany Nielsen was hired to fill the fifth-grade teaching position, pending emergency certification.
Amy Jones was hired as a guest teacher, pending a successful background check.
Another special board meeting was held on Tuesday, July 31, where numerous positions were filled.
Brenda Harvey was approved to fill the Special Education teaching position. Harvey’s certification has lapsed, but it was noted that she is applying for renewal.
The board approved the hiring of Mark Drake for Title I aide, Mitch Kaufman as high school Title I aide and Onesti Lapp as cook’s helper, pending successful background checks.
A special board meeting was held on Wednesday, Aug. 8, where Fabian Munoz was hired as a special education aide, pending a successful background check.
It was noted that Misty Kirn will return as a bus monitor for Birch Route #3. Crowder presented several options for Birch Route #3, with the board approving to restore the Bender stops to Birch Route #3 which will increase his route slightly with no change in miles to Finnicum Route #5.
The Culbertson School also held its regular monthly meeting Monday, Aug. 20.
That same day, Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office deputies conducted ALICE training with faculty and staff from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.
The cable for the front door was noted to have been pulled and in place for Innova and AAA Glass to install the buzz-in system. Several staff members pulled the wire to save cost and speed up the process.
Student enrollment was “looking good” for the upcoming school year and exact numbers will be presented to the board at its September meeting.
Culbertson Public School can now be found on Twitter and Facebook.
The board was given the technology report, which noted that Nova Desks was at the school from Aug. 9-10 and they fixed and did maintenance on all of the desks in the computer lab.
School superintendent Larry Crowder noted that the Roose-velt County Sheriff’s Office will place a deputy at the school in the morning when students arrive and in the afternoon when students are dismissed.
Culbertson Public School is still currently advertising for the K-12 world language (Spanish) teaching position.
The Federal ESEA (Title I) and IDEA (special education) program applications have been submitted. The Federal Carl Perkins (career and technical education) application are still in the works and will be submitted soon.
Mitch Kaufman was hired as the junior high football head coach and Dave Helmer was offered a part-time junior high assistant football coach position. Ronnie Shanks is to remain as another part-time junior high football assistant coach.
The board approved the following advisor positions: Brad Nielsen, drug and alcohol coordinator; Christina Olson, Title IX coordinator; Mark Machart, Jobs for Montana Graduates; Jens Nielsen, Future Farmers of America; Ashley Copple, Annual; Christina Olson, student Council; Rhonda Seitz, seventh-grade, Dave Solem, eighth-grade; Ashley Copple, 10th-grade; Jennifer Lambert, 11th-grade; and Tiffany Nielsen, 12th-grade.
Junell Wallin-TenEyck was hired to fill the evening custodian position, pending a successful background check.
Sunni Hilde was hired as a guest teacher, pending a successful background check.
James Obergfell offered the board a contract to deliver coal at $107 per flat ton rate. This is an increase of $2 per ton from last year.
As Sidney Tax Service is no longer offering audit services, a quote from Ross Stalcup, a certified public accountant, was presented to the board. Stalcup currently provides audit services to Bainville Public School.
The district was quoted that the audit cost would be $10,950, which is slightly lower than last year.
The next regular monthly school board meeting will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 18.