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Girl Scout Troop Gives Community Gift Of Caring

Girl Scout Donation
Girl Scout Troop 2027 met with several prominent community members when they donated 54 boxes of girl scout cookies as part of the Community Gift of Caring. Pictured (left to right) are Audrey Stromberg, Roosevelt Medical Center CEO; Kim Rhodes, troop 2027 leader; Theresa McDonald, troop 2027 leader; Lyle Lambert, of Bainville Fire Department; Alan Aspenlieder, Culbertson’s Volunteer Fire Department fire chief; Bev Raaum, of RMC’s emergency medical services; Dan Mogen, of Froid’s ambulance services; and Kyla Traeger, of RMC’s ambulance services. (Photo by Angela Rose Benson)

An emergency medical technician is paged in the middle of the night to respond to a call where their assistance is needed for hours. A registered nurse’s lunch break is missed due to the many call lights flashing within the halls of Roosevelt Medical Center. A fireman’s dinner is left on the table as they head out to extinguish a fire.

It is these times that Girl Scout Troop 2027 wants to help prevent by giving local heroes some 54 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to provide a quick snack to the individuals who prioritize helping their local communities over satisfying an empty stomach.
On Monday, July 16, at Roosevelt Medical Center, Troop 2027 met with several individuals representing RMC, Froid, Bainville and Culbertson emergency medical services and Bainville and Culbertson’s Volunteer Fire Department to give the Community Gift of Caring. This year, the girl’s made the decision to give a local gift to these entities as a way to give back, say thank you and provide a sweet treat when needed or wanted.
In previous years, Troop 2027 has given the Community Gift of Caring to local soldiers and marines and some fighting overseas.
According to Kim Rhodes, a troop leader, the Girl Scout’s is a girl’s choice program and the girls in troop 2027 not only made the decision to give to local first response agencies and RMC, they also decided the types of cookies they wished to be given.
The boxes of cookies collected for the Community Gift of Caring build when people buy Girl Scout cookies for the Community Gift of Caring or cash donations are given. At RMC, the individuals representing the agencies chosen to be donated to had the opportunity to pick from a variety of cookies to take. Troop 2027 members also helped them load the boxes to where they were intended to go.
Troop 2027 is a combination troop consisting of girls from Froid, Bainville and Culbertson. There is a need for another troop leader and anyone interested can contact Rhodes in the phonebook or by calling her at RMC.