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EF-1 Tornado, Macroburst Confirmed In Plentywood Last Week

The National Weather Service in Glasgow released two damage report surveys regarding the confirmed EF-1 tornado and macroburst that occurred in Plentywood Monday, July 9, at roughly 7:05 p.m.
The report notes that the storm survey investigation is still ongoing and subject to further coordination with local emergency management agencies.
The preliminary damage survey results report that a supercell moved southeast through Plentywood producing widespread significant wind damage.
The macroburst’s peak wind was recorded at 118 miles per hour. Its path width was 2.7 miles and its path length was recorded to be 6.2 miles. No injuries or fatalities have been reported.
Ten small general aviation planes at the Plentywood Airport were significantly damaged or destroyed. Eight hangars were totaled and six hangars received minor to moderate damage.
The metal beacon tower at the airport was reported to have been bent to the ground.
The NWS notes that the airport is where the strongest winds were found, estimated at 118 miles per hour.
Wind speeds within the town of Plentywood were estimated to be between 90 and 100 miles per hour. The NWS reports that, as the supercell progressed southeast, widespread tree and roof damaged was found, along with several outbuildings and garages destroyed.
A brief EF-1 tornado was reported to have touched down on the southeast side of town in Plentywood at approximately 7:06 p.m., with wind peak at 110 miles per hour. Its path width was 250 yards and its path length was 2.1 miles. No injuries or fatalities were reported.
The NWS notes that the EF-1 tornado was embedded within the macroburst. A mobile home was completely destroyed and two small farm outbuildings were heavily damaged with evidence of splattering of the insolation on the south and east side of the buildings, as the NWS notes that the storm moved from northwest to southeast. An adjacent one story business sustained roof damage, with several two- by- four boards pierced through the roof, coming from a south to north direction.
A vehicle had separate two- by-four boards pierce through the windows and the body. There were multiple empty trailers flipped over and one restaurant had the front doors and several windows blown out and, on the southeast side of the building, the roof was partially torn off.
Several vehicles had windows blown out as well and two empty grain bins were reported to have been thrown several hundred yards.