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Bainville Council Begins 2018-19 Budget Approving Process

The Bainville Council held their regularly scheduled meeting Thursday, July 12, in the town hall. A resolution adopting the fiscal year 2018-19 preliminary budget was approved and a public hearing date was set. The special budget meeting, where the budget will be reviewed, is scheduled for Thursday, July 26, at 7 p.m. in the town hall.
Following the resignation of Benji Butikofer, who began working for the Town of Bainville as a meter reader and later was given responsibilities such as the utility billing clerk by city clerk Niki Rogers, it was noted that the town would like to advertise for the open position. However, that will be discussed at the budget meeting.
The audits from Sidney Tax Service for the fiscal years 2015 and 2016 were reviewed, with no new findings. Some findings were noted by mayor Dennis Portra to be common and expected, such as segregation of duties, expenditure testing and payroll testing. Mayor Portra noted these are always found in small town governments.
Clerk Rogers shared with the council that Sidney Tax Service will no longer be doing municipal audits. The council recommended she shop for a new auditing service at the best price available.
C and C Excavation and Morrison-Maierle met with Public Works for the 11 month walk through on Schedule 1 on the water project and no issues were found.
As the town has been having problems with badger meters, a sales support manager spent time with public works Wednesday, July 11, toured problem areas and discussed the ongoing issues. Rogers noted that public works shared that they are tired of troubleshooting, and that a solution to the issues will come within seven to 10 days.
The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office reported that, at the time of the meeting, there had been no protests at the Snowden Bridge pipeline. Currently, they are working on communication lines and towers with dispatch. It was noted that the radios are hard to contact dispatch through in the area of Bainville.
The Community Decay Ordinance was killed as a resolution. Rogers will construct a new one. She noted that it was on the agenda to be up for discussion, so that council members could stricken wordage, or remove or add parts to the resolution. Council member Scott Ross noted that he voted to kill the resolution as written because the potential of a tax burden on the Town of Bainville. Council member Mandy Hickel opposed killing the resolution as she wanted further discussion on the matter.
Two zoning permits were also approved.
Bowker Enterprises contacted the city regarding an issue they have been having with residents of Bainville moving garbage dumpsters around town without notifying authorized personnel. There is a fine for moving the dumpsters, and Clerk Rogers noted that if anyone is in need of more dumpsters, they can contact Bowker Enterprises for them.
When the town is contacted about dumpsters that have been filled up and have no more room, they are not the independent contractor so they are to tell residents to take their trash to another dumpster elsewhere, as the dumpsters are not meant for single-use and are to be shared with multiple households.
Mayor Portra commended all of those who put together the Heritage America event, sharing that he feels they did a job well done with an excellent parade, fireworks display and food vendors.