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Culbertson School Board Addresses Student Absences



Bus Fleet Grows -- Culbertson School District 17 purchased another bus this summer increasing the fleet to three buses. (Photo by Nancy Mahan)

The Culbertson School board addressed student absences during the monthly meeting, Tuesday, July 15.
Changes include that students missing five periods in any one class during a trimester, excluding school-sponsored events and activities, will receive a letter informing the student and family of the absences and concern for academic future.
Parents will be notified after the fifth and 10th absences. After the accumulation of the 10th absence, the student will have to earn a passing grade on the final assessment for that class to earn credit. Any student with 15 or more days absent will be recommended for expulsion.
Absenteeism was one of several changes in the student handbook. Other changes include college-level courses and valedictorian/salutatorian requirements.
The wording for the valedictorian/salutatorian guidelines read: “for a senior to be eligible for either the valedictorian or salutatorian award, he or she must have been in attendance at Culbertson High School during the final three consecutive trimesters. Valedictorian and salutatorian candidates must successfully complete either one or both trimesters of the following college prep curriculum by the conclusion of the second trimester of their senior year.  1). Either physics or chemistry and; 2).  Two of the following three math classes; algebra II, trigonometry or calculus.”
The board also discussed students participating in the correspondence/college level courses. Those students will be required to maintain a full schedule of classes with all five periods of the school day being filled unless approved by administration. Students will be required to take offered classes at CHS but may be eligible for correspondence course on a case-by-case basis upon approval by the administration.
Only high school juniors and seniors will have the opportunity of taking college level courses with all costs for these courses born by the student. Courses may be eligible for transcript credit with approval by the administration and a letter must be signed by the student indicating if the college class will be put on the transcript for credit and GPA prior to taking the course.
The courses will be completed on the CHS campus, the student must have all materials needed for the course prior to the start of the trimester and the student must have an on-staff supervisor pre-arranged before the start of the trimester and before enrolling in the correspondence course.
The board also discussed bus barn construction plans that continue to develop with requests for color choices of the building, what type of heating to use inside the barn and how to design the drainage system. These requests were tabled for the next meeting.
Principal Mike Olson said the computer desks are to arrive in August for the computer lab. These desks come equipped with motorized screen compartments.
Superintendent Larry Crowder confirmed the current construction on the high school additions won’t be ready in time for the Aug. 20 start of school but closer to an October finish.
It was announced at the meeting that the high jump pad at the school track was formed and poured allowing for the rubber pad.
In addition, old athletic uniforms and smartboard projectors were approved for disposition.
The next school board meeting will be Tuesday, Aug. 12, at 6:30 p.m. in the school.