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Commissioners Add New Members To County Boards

A few Roosevelt County boards are a bit fuller after the commissioners’ meeting on Oct. 5.
Pat Beck who has been serving on the Poplar Museum board for several years originally had plans to resign this year but has since changed her mind. The issue had been tabled several times at recent meetings, but Beck submitted an official letter to the board saying she would remain on the museum board.
The commissioners unanimously approved her decision to stay on the board.
The library board also gained a new addition. The commissions unanimously approved Gloria Mason for the position.
A county employee was the center of the next issue addressed at the meeting. Charlie Pollock was originally a part-time employee who could only dedicate 20 hours a week to his position, but is now capable of working a full 40-hour a week schedule. The board unanimously approved his employment status changing from part-time to full-time.
The board then went on to approve a Sept. 28 claim of $2,500 and an Oct. 2 claim of $20,500.
On a small administrative note, the board approved the minutes of a meeting that were originally up for approval last week, but were not approved because the board had not yet reviewed them.