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Peru Trip Called Amazing Experience

Nearly 5,000 miles and over 15 hours of flight time from Culbertson, 24 local people toured Peru on a 10-day excursion.
The group of 24 adults and Culbertson High School students joined six people from Minnesota on the 30-person trip that was sponsored by Education First, which arranges educational travel for student groups.
The group left Culbertson lMonday, June 9, and flew to Lima, Peru’s capital. From there, they toured several cities in the South American nation and the Amazon basin. They returned home Thursday, June 19.
Tara Nickoloff took the trip with her two oldest daughters, Bailey, who is a junior in college, and Erica, who just graduated from Culbertson High School.
“Short of having my children, it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done,” Nickoloff said.
“We walked and walked and walked,” she said, and added that it was so hot and humid.
“We had to raise our own money,” Nickoloff said.
“It was $3,000 for everything; really an amazing price,” Culbertson Mayor Gordon Oelkers said.
That included airfare, hotels and tours.
Oelkers and his daughter Renee, also a 2014 Culbertson graduate, took the trip together.
“It was a good experience for [the students} to see people who don’t have toilets or good water,” he said.
Oelkers said the average income in Peru is about $400 per month.
Other people from Culbertson who took the trip included CHS teacher Jeri Gustafson, Laura Kristofferson and her daughter Emily Nielsen.