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Mobile Veterinary Hospital Offers Spay And Neuter Services In Culbertson


Dr. Amy Lamb and veterinarian students from Colorado State University perform spays and neuters at the American Legion hall in Culbertson.   (Photo by Nancy Mahan)


With the close guidance of licensed veterinarians, eight veterinarian students from Colorado State University helped performed over 200 spay or neuters for dogs and cats in the eastern Roosevelt County area Friday, June 6.  
Dr. Amy Lamb is a licensed veterinarian from Billings who owns “Vet To Go” and is one of the instructors for the Northeast Montana/Fort Peck Tribal M.A.S.H. Unit, (Making Animals Safe and Healthy), that comes to Roosevelt County the first week of June. The other licensed veterinarian is Dr. Jill Weich from Fort Collins, Colo.  
The two licensed vets oversee all surgeries performed by the student techs, ranging from a first year training vet tech, one-second year student, five-third year students and three-fourth year students. They start in Fort Peck, then head to other areas helping spay and neuter animals, treat round worms, repair teeth, do surgeries, flea and tick prevention, physicals and shots.  The spay and neuter is free to the public and the cost for a distemper vaccination is five dollars. As of June 6, they had performed over 200 spay and neuters.
This is their second year coming to Culbertson and their eighth year bringing their services to eastern Montana. The American Legion let them use their facilities for the portable MASH unit this year.
For more information you can contact Lamb at Vet to Go, 860-2196.