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Jail Bond Fails -- Frederick To Face Crawford In November For Sheriff -- All Other Results



The public safety bonding measure that would have funded a replacement for the aging Roosevelt County jail failed at the polls Tuesday, June 4, but not in votes. It received 57.93 percent [986-716] but failed because 34.88 percent of registered voters cast ballots, slightly fewer than the state mandated 35 percent minimum turnout for passage.
In contrast, the percentage of registered voters who cast ballots in neighboring McCone County was 54.71 and 48.80 in Valley County. The county with the highest percentage was Wibaux with 69.54. The statewide turnout was 33 percent.
In the hotly contested race for sheriff, Jason Frederick finished first with a landslide 1,515 votes for 77.85 percent with two-term incumbent Freedom Crawford finishing a distant second with 229 votes. Mike Matthews received 142 votes and Don Tomsic, 59. There was one write-in vote. Crawford and Frederick will face each other in the November general election.
In State House District 31, incumbent Bridget Smith will likely serve another term after defeating Bill Whitehead 452-378 in the Democratic primary. There was one write-in vote on a Democratic ballot and 22 on Republican ballots. There is no declared Republican challenger and no write-in candidates have publicly emerged so far.
In State House District 34, incumbent Austin Knudsen received 353 votes to four write-ins in the Republican primary. Gene Hartsock received 131 votes in the Democratic primary with one write-in.
In Roosevelt County Commission District 1 [east side of the county], Allen Bowker received 395 votes and Frank Smith 254.  They will face each other again in November. The position is currently held by Jim Shanks, who is not running for reelection.
Statewide Balloting
Republican Steve Daines will face Democratic incumbent John Walsh for the U.S. Senate in the November election.
Daines received 110,236 votes for 83.15 percent in the Republican primary. Susan Cundiff was in second place with 11,896 votes and Champ Edmunds trailed with 10,078.
In Roosevelt County [100 percent of votes counted]: Daines received 700 votes for 84.34 percent; Cundiff. 90; and Edmunds, 39.
In the Democratic primary, Walsh had received 48,348 votes for 63.93 percent. John Bohlinger was second with 17,087 and Dirk Adams was third with 10,026.
In Roosevelt County: Walsh received 546 votes for 57.41 percent; Bohlinger, 283; and Adams, 122.
Democrat John Lewis will face Republican Ryan Zinke for the U.S. House at-large seat that Daines currently holds.
Lewis received 42,286 votes for 59.59 percent. John Driscoll finished second with 28,387.
In Roosevelt County: Lewis lost to Driscoll 470-405.
Zinke received 43,525 for 33.09 percent in the five-way race. The other results were: Corey Stapleton, 38,481; Matt Rosendale, 37,896; Elsie Arntzen, 9,034; and Drew Turiano, 2,275.
In Roosevelt County: Zinke finished third with 156 votes, behind Rosendale with 321 and Stapleton with 175. Arntzen received 78 and Turiano 28. There were three write-in votes.
Other races
Incumbent clerk and recorder Cheryl A. Hansen received 1,641 unopposed with 16 write-in votes.
Incumbent county attorney Ralph “Jim” Patch received 1,459 votes unopposed with 39 write-in votes.
Incumbent county treasurer Betty Romo received 1,672 unopposed with eight write-ins.
Supreme Court Justice No. 1: Jim Rice, 129,515; W. David Herbert, 39,859. In Roosevelt County, Rice received 1,141 and Herbert, 350. There were four write-in votes.
Supreme Court Justice No. 2: Mike Wheat, 102,216; Lawrence VanDyke, 63,488. In Roosevelt County, Wheat received 917 to 501 for VanDyke. There were five write-ins.
Public Service Commissioner District 1: Republican Travis Kavulla received 19,358 votes unopposed. In Roosevelt County, Kavulla received 652 votes and three write-ins on Republican ballots. There were 40 write-ins on Democratic ballots.
Other ballot questions
Roosevelt County local government review was defeated 852-809.
Wolf Point local government review was defeated 280-204.
Poplar local government review was approved 131-37.
Brockton local government review was approved 18-8.
Culbertson local government review was approved 74-73.
Bainville local government review was approved 23-12.
Froid local government review was approved 22-18.
Justice of the peace Post 1: Traci Harada received 1,603 votes unopposed with 20 write-in votes.
Justice of the peace Post 2: Penny Hendrickson received 1,545 votes unopposed with eight write-ins.