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Bainville School Board Approves Senior Trip

Bainville school trustees approved the senior trip Wednesday, May 14, a decision that had been postponed since April.
The board tabled the trip Wednesday, April 9, due to concerns about the length of the trip and chaperones.
The students will be driven to Billings Sunday, June 8, fly to Phoenix, Ariz., where they will visit tourist attractions and take a side trip to the Grand Canyon, fly back to Billings Thursday, June 12 and be driven to Bainville Friday, June 13.
There is a stipulation that Superintendent Renee Rasmussen approve any non-district owned vehicles used for student transportation.
The seniors are holding fundraisers that include a carwash.
The board also continued a discussion that began during the April meeting to phase out senior trips with the final class trip being taken by the current freshmen. No decision was made.
The following head coaching positions were approved: LaRae Romo, head varsity volleyball; Cheryl Graham, head grades 5-8 volleyball; Brandy Hansen, head girls’ varsity basketball; and Luke Romo, head boys’ varsity basketball.
Rasmussen said the coaching recommendations were the result of about 20 hours of deliberations by a committee that led to the appointments.
The appointments are pending acceptable background checks and coaching credentials from the Montana High School Association.
The board voted to make a three-year commitment to remain in the Joint Powers Trust, despite a 12 percent insurance rate increase.
Bainville is a member of the JPT, which provides cost effective group health benefit plans for public employees in Montana and Wyoming.
“You’re rolling the dice a little bit and maybe you could get it cheaper,” board chairman Dana Berwick said.
Board member Dustin Harmon said the district is still considering options for teacher housing needs that include remodeling a district-owned house, removing asbestos, and renting the house at a reduced rate to a teacher, removing asbestos and selling the house and adding another rental house to the property.
No decision has been made.
Hyatt said two manufactured houses the district purchased for another lot were due to arrive and would be ready for occupancy in June.
Newly reelected trustee Berwick, unopposed and reelected by acclamation, took the oath of office.
The board reelected Berwick as chairman. The board also elected Chanon Romo as vice chair and reelected Marsha Schmidt as district clerk.
The trustees continued a discussion about a possible change to a seven-period school day that began during the April meeting. No decisions were made.