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Culbertson Museum Opens For The Season; Board Meets And Considers Needed Repairs

The Culbertson Museum Board met Monday, May 12 and discussed repairs needed because of water damage from rain and melting snow from the last two years.  
There have been leaks in the quilt and archive rooms with water taking down ceiling panels, saturating insulation and settling in light panels. Options are being explored.
Potholes on the road were filled and scoria was spread in more of the potholes, and in the parking area.
Last fall, the sign 1.7 miles east of the museum was knocked down. One of the three posts which supported it was snapped off at the ground.  The sign itself, is in good condition.  It will be attached to a piece of old equipment on the same site.  
A local man contacted the museum about a display. The museum board is working with the Thresher’s to borrow a display case to use for seasonal displays. A 6-foot long, 28-inch deep, 42-inch tall case is needed.
A change to the museum by-laws was approved after the required two readings.
Item 4.7 will now read: “A quorum for any meeting shall consist of five members present in person, by proxy, or by electronic connection.”  Previously, the quorum was 12 members.    
Several large fluorescent bulbs need to be replaced in the bank room. A source for these bulbs will be explored so that the burned out bulbs can be changed out.  
It was decided to use some of the Faye Meissel memorial money received from the Class of 1973 to purchase a two-wheel dolly to replace the current one.  
Adding an additional security camera for areas of the museum that are not currently visible with the existing camera was discussed.  An estimate will be sought.  
The north wall of the meat room still needs to be finished and shelves put up.  Daylight can be seen in one corner of that room. Estimates will be needed for the project. The north wall in the blacksmith shop is also in need of repairs. There are lots of holes in it and it moves in the wind. This needs to be fixed before there is any damage to the building itself.  
It was discovered at the time the museum closed last fall, that the pulley at the top of the flagpole was damaged and the rope fraying.
The museum held its winter fundraiser on Super Bowl Sunday with a nice turnout.  Homemade soup was served with rolls and ice cream.
The museum opened for the season on Mother’s Day with 40 people coming through the door.
The museum is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily and the coffee is usually on.