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Planning Board Considers Landfill, Fracking

The Roosevelt County Planning Board discussed fracking and the proposed landfill in Culbertson while meeting in Poplar Wednesday, March 19.
The planning board has no control over the landfill. However, they had been in discussions with Culbertson Mayor Gordon Oelkers and are concerned that the location is too close to the city’s water supply and the road.
They also discussed the roads that border the Culbertson airport, which involved a housing issue and road access. This will, more than likely, require a public hearing, but it will not be held by the planning board. The town of Culbertson will be responsible for the public hearing and all questions should be directed to the town hall.
Two new casinos are proposed to be built on the Montana side of Montana/North Dakota border. They are two separate casinos, but will be built near a housing development that will provide housing for the employees of the two casinos. The land will be leased and the project must go through a public hearing.