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Student Spotlight

Chase Kilzer will be a freshman at Culbertson High School this year. His summer was filled with tending his trip (or herd) of goats.

He showed and sold his prized goat, Ted, at the Roosevelt County Fair. Kilzer has been participating in the fair for seven years. He admits he has names for all 74 of his goats.

He and his family raise goats to help eat leafy spurge weeds, a noxious weed toxic to some animals that also can reduce the livestock carrying capacity of pasture and rangeland by 20 to 50 percent.

Goats are known for their lawn care skills, eating this noxious weed as well as blackberry vines and anything else they can put in their mouth.

He spent parts of his summer fishing in Slater's Bay and Lake Sakakawea in North Dakota which allowed him to 'limited out' on walleye.

When he isn't tending his goat trip or fishing at the lake, he is helping to control the coyote population. One day recently, he killed one of the coyotes that have reduced their herd of kids from 35 to four.

I asked him what his favorite summer activity was? His reply, "The fair!" "And how about your favorite part of the up and coming school year?" "Football for sure," he said with a huge grin on his face.