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Culbertson Town Council Takes Care Of Business

The Town of Culbertson held a regular town council meeting on Monday, Aug. 5, at 7:30 p.m. in town hall. A quorum was established, and there were 27 points on the docket.

The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office reported a continual high occurrence of break-ins and drunk drivers in Culbertson, Bainville and the surrounding area.

Joseph Moore, a former Roosevelt County deputy, returned to the sheriff’s department as a deputy. Another deputy is to be hired between September and December. A new K-9 unit, trained in drug search and attack, has been added to the sheriff’s office in Wolf Point. This brings the K-9 unit count to two.

Work continues on the Culbertson sewer system. Manhole 61’s gas line requires corrections on the gas line. The contractor has been pleased by the city’s attitude thus far. A $40 a month increase in sewer rates has been approved with an Aug. 18 date set for the increase.

The Montana Department of Transportation’s plan to reconstruct Montana Hwy. 16 through Culbertson has settled the land issue and plans for the construction is ready to commence.

A motion to sell the Culbertson Fire Department’s old fire truck was approved.