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Florence Krueger

Florence Dorothy Krue-ger, 91, died Tuesday, June 19, 2018, at the Roosevelt Medical Center in Culbertson.
Dorothy, as she preferred to be called, was born April 7, 1927, to William “Bill” and Edna (Ator) Tlustosch at McCleary, Wash.
Her mother died when she was 18 months old. Bill married Mary Ehry. Mary became a loving mother to Dorothy and her sisters, Lillian Mae and Jeanne Lucy. Mary and Bill added Frank and Evelyn to the family to make it complete. They grew up in the Dagmar/Coalridge area.
She loved school and it came easy to her, but her father didn’t feel girls needed to further their education past the eighth grade.
When she was 18, she moved to Culbertson and worked at the Hotel Cafe.
She married Willie Krueger Oct. 16, 1946, after he returned from the service. Together, they had Glenn, Joyce, Steven and Lori.
Even though she was unable to further her education, she never stopped learning. She would read the dictionary like it was a game. She would read a word then look up a word that was used to describe the word she had just read.
She enjoyed the simple things in life, gardening, flowers, crossword puzzles, scrabble and writing poetry.
She worked many years as a waitress, sat with the ill, the handicapped and many who were dying so they would not have to be alone.
After the children were grown, they started going south in the winter until Willie’s health made it impossible. They loved to dance. Often, the dance floor would clear as people stopped to watch them waltz to “their song,” The Blue Skirt Waltz.
After Willie’s death, she became a homebody. She said her house was filled with the love and memories of “her Willie.” She put herself into the nursing home after her 90th birthday as she didn’t want to have to move in with anyone and be a “bother.”
She is survived by her daughters, Joyce of Fairview and Lori of Crosby, N.D.; sisters, Lillian Webster of Great Falls and Evelyn Wagner Wolf Point; six grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren.
She was also preceded in death by sons, Glenn and Steven; sister, Jeanne; brother, Frank; and a great- grand daughter.
Memorial services for will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday, July 28, at the Senior Citizens Center in Culbertson.