Tips For Safe Clean Sweep Efforts

Wolf Point residents are coming together for the annual Clean Sweep, a project sponsored by the Wolf Point Beautification Committee that is designed to help clear the trash that has accumulated all winter.

The Wolf Point Beautification Committee was organized in the spring of 1989 — 30 years ago — with the goal to pool all available local resources to make our city litter free.
The original founders agreed that creating a more desirable community would encourage new businesses to locate here and would also promote tourism. Volunteers from across the community combined energies for this common goal, realizing the importance of working together for the benefit our community.
The WPBC has accomplished many goals over the years, including annual clean sweeps in the spring, establishing green areas, encouraging cardboard, newspaper and aluminum recycling, planting and maintaining flowers containers, receiving tree grants from the State of Montana, encouraging entities and businesses to take more pride in their properties, Friday night trash pick-up for individuals and groups and weed ordinance enforcement.
This is a great time to get a group together, pick a block, alley or street and spend a couple of hours cleaning up your neighborhood.
City of Wolf Point employees will pick up trash collected and left curbside to the city dump on Sunday, April 28, and Monday, May 6. Pile garbage, branches (4 foot length or smaller), etc., on the sidewalks. Residents are asked to keep yard waste separate from metal items. Appliances requiring freon removal will be charged a $10 removal fee.
The Wolf Point landfill will accept Clean Sweep trash at no charge April 26-28 and May 2-4. The city asks that you bring your landfill card if you have one.
The Northside Junior Optimist Club members and their leaders have already been around town picking up trash. High Plains Motors and Western Bank employees and members of the Gospel Fellowship Church have been seen around town picking up, as well. Erik Johannessen organized a small crew to clean an area near the railroad tracks and other community members have tacked problem areas.
Safety Reminders
When working outside cleaning up litter, wear:
Thick-soled, closed shoes;
Long pants and long-sleeved shirts;
Safety vests or bright colors for roadside cleanups; and
Sunscreen and bug repellent.
Keep pre-moistened towel- ettes on hand, and wash hands with antibacterial soap after cleanup.
The Wolf Point Police Department has some important safety tips for all to remember while cleaning up our communities and the surrounding countryside.
Methamphetamine is a safety concern nationwide, and its danger extends to northeast Montana. Mobile meth labs have been found dumped in area ditches and create a serious danger for anyone who may unknowingly pick them up.
Some items that are associated with methamphetamine production and could be dangerous include:
Syringes or needles;
Plastic containers that are discolored or filled with an unknown ingredient;
Discolored light bulbs;
Unknown powdered substances;
Gas cans, buckets and tubing;
Pill bottles and blister packs;
Kitchen and bathroom cleaning solvents;
Cold medicine packs;
Coffee filters;
Compressed gas cylinders or camp stove (Coleman) fuel containers;
Packaging from epsom salt, rock salt, iodized salt or table salt;
Pyrex/glass/Corning containers with dried chemical deposits remaining;
Respiratory masks and filters or dust masks; and
Funnels, hosing and clamps.
If children are helping with the cleanup, adults need to ensure that they are properly supervised and that they, too, know what they shouldn’t pick up.
If suspicious items are found, move away from the area and call 9-1-1 or your nearest law enforcement office. Do not touch or smell any potential meth litter items.
For more information or to report suspicious items, call:
Wolf Point Police Department, 653-1093;
Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Department, 653-6240;
Fort Peck Tribes Law Enforcement, 768-5565; or